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Batter Up By Marty Lurie

Batter Up Feb 21st, 2004

Alex Rodriguez, a Yankee , what does it mean? The Yankees will crush mediocre pitching. Derek Jeter’s time at short will end either around the all star break or when Jeter suffers his first injury which you know is coming soon to a theater near you.

Jason Giambi will benefit the most hitting behind Rodriguez and in front of Gary Sheffield, who will mean more to the Yankee offense than A Rod. Even with all this offense, I expect pitchers Jose Contreras and Jon Leiber, two weak links, will be replaced in the starting rotation around July 1st?

This is a copy of my “Batter Up” column which appeared in the Oakland Tribune Sports Section on February 21st.

Marty Lurie… Click below for more of the column!There is something about Rodriguez that leads me to believe that he is no winner. He has a 250 million dollar contract and makes life miserable for Buck Showalter in Texas. He plays the game without getting dirty. For all his dough, I’d like to see some “Pete Rose, I’ll do anything to beat you” in his game. He reminds me of a spoiled little leaguer who has to be on the best team with his friends. He’s a loser folks.

With all the righthanded pitching on the Yankees, the opposition will load up with lefthanded batters, meaning Giambi and whoever plays second will see a lot of action on defense. Travis Lee, a slick first baseman makes sense for New York because we’ve seen Giambi field ground balls and it ain’t pretty.

Some scouts tell me that Pedro Martinez’s shoulder is ready to blow like his brother Ramon’s did in LA.

Here’s a thought Pedro gets out of the eighth inning in game seven against the Yankees and Grady Little is still managing the Sox instead of reporting to Mesa this weekend as a consultant with the Cubs. After watching the circus in Boston last year, Little may be better off advising Dusty Baker behind the scenes in Wrigley.

If I were Paul Depodesta I would trade with Texas for Alfonso Soriano right now. The Rangers need pitching, the Dodgers have lefty Odalis Perez, a clubhouse whiner, and Jeff Weaver, a reclamation project, both making over 5 mil. Texas should jump at the chance to add two live arms and the Dodgers get rid of two headaches plus get Mr. Instant Offense in Soriano, making a splash in Hollywood, too

I’ll give you another reason why the Rangers should trade Soriano now. Pitching matchups for the opening series in Oakland beginning April 5th: Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, and Mark Mulder versus Kenny Rogers, Colby Lewis, and RA Dickey. The Rangers might be eliminated by June.

You have to hand it to Scott Boras, he played the market expertly with Greg Maddux. Boras squeezed a three year 24 million dollar contract from the Cubs for a 37 year old, six inning fifth starter after luring the Giants, Cards, Dodgers, and Yankees into the market. If Maddux pitches on any day that the wind blows out in Wrigley, watch out.

Best rotations in baseball: A’s, Astros, Cubs, Mariners, Phillies, Marlins, and Red Sox

Here’s a thought: It is widely speculated that Billy Beane would like to be president of or perhaps own a major league club some day. Would the A’s have been better off in the long run letting Beane go to LA as GM and keeping DePodesta as the future GM. What if someone tries to lure Billy away next season (it happens every year, doesn’t it?), who’s left to run the A’s?

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1 Anonymous { 02.26.04 at 10:45 am }

Spring training has begun!

Baseball winter is almost over!

I’ve missed my “buddies” these four months;
-Marty, Bill, Ken, Ray & Robert!
(albeit its a ‘one direction’ kind of thing…
I spend so much time listening to these guys
March through October they are akin to good

How about a special “Spring Training” edition
of “Right Off the Bat!” ????
I’d love to hear a comprehensive analysis of
the A’s position by position.
From there take it out to the rest of the League!

-C. Pyle
Morgan Hill

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