Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Another Young Gun in Baseball, There is Always the Wild Card

You can say good bye to Aaron Harang, Eric Hiljus, Justin Duchsherer, and probably Ted Lilly. Rich Harden is here to stay and will get every shot to be the A’s fourth starter.

Like Dontrelle Willis, Claudio Vargas, Jeriome Roberstson, Jerome Williams, and Jesse Foppert, Harden looks like a young pitcher who can win right away in the big leagues.

The A’s took their patient approach with them in the ninth inning, walking four times in a row to completely unnerve the KC team, giving the A’s another ninth inning win against the Royals.

No Jose Lima today for KC as the righty will miss today’s game with a sore groin.

The Diamondbacks can keep positive because they only trail the Phillies by two in the wild card. The Giants won a key game last night with some little ball, clutch pitching, and some nice big time pitching from the rookie Williams who worked out of some major jams.

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The Yankees saw Toronto bomb Jeff Weaver again, so I guess it’s take a vacation Jeff when the Blue Jays come in to see the Yanks.

Seattle doesn’t seem fazed by its offensive ineptitude. Now Edgar Martinez is complaing about his calf and may not play tonight.

The Cubs busted loose again last night, this time against Atlanta. With Mark Prior on the DL, things could get ugly in Wrigley despite the the runs being put up on the board.

With no off days for most teams right now, watch the middle relief very carefully. Many runs will be a nightly occurence in the big leagues.

The Angels can’t buy a win against Tampa Bay and Baltimore. This little streak is going to cost them down the road.

Roy Halladay goes for number 15 in a row today in the Bronx against Andy Pettitte.

The Marlins trail the Phillies by 5 in the NL Wild Card. How about Josh Beckett’s game last night? Seven shut out innings against Montreal.

You know the A’s are in trouble when Miguel Tejada has to call a meeting to perk the team up.

Tejada is a terrific young man, but he has not been the most reliable Athletic during his career. Interesting to see him the one to say “enough is enough, let’s play ball”

Jason Davis has thrown much better than Bartolo Colon lately. Let’s see who wins today in Chicago.


1 Anonymous { 07.22.03 at 1:05 pm }

not the usual great analysis but still pretty good.

I liked the way Harden pitched but one outing does not make a pitcher. Let’s see how he does in

jis next couple of starts but he does keep the ball

down and makes hitters pound the ball into the ground. Good way to start,Rich.

Jerry F

2 Anonymous { 07.22.03 at 1:10 pm }


Even though its based on one outing, I agree with you that Harden should be here to stay. His performance now gives the A’s some flexibility in perhaps including some of the names you mentioned (hopefully Lilly is one of them) in a trade for a bat.

As evidenced again last nite in KC, the A’s need a bat bad. Five hits total with two players getting four of them aint gonna cut it down the stretch.

We did get two excellent at bats by Hernandez and your favorite whipping boy, Hatteberg, both walks. Also Ellis is starting to come around so I hope he is not included in a trade as rumored.

By the way, I have decided to just agree to disagree with you and Mike on Hatty and will move on to other subjects. Like Chavez, who continues to sleepwalk, stranding 7 runners yesterday. Good thing his defense is still there. Tough to think of a 3rd baseman/power position like this, but he should be hitting ninth in the order he’s been so bad.

Question: Why isnt Singleton playing more? The guy was hitting over .300 most of the season until he was cooled off by repeated benching. Only thing I can think of, is the A’s wanted to try and showcase T. Long for trade purposes.

By the way Marty, you were right about Long, he has picked it up a little. This is great as maybe his recent hitting will attract some trade partners so we can dump him.

Reno Bill

3 marty { 07.22.03 at 1:28 pm }

Jerry sorry, my computer is not functioning correctly and I had a lot of trouble getting the Daily Dish completed today.

For some reason the A’s have not taken to Chris Singleton. If Harden hadn’t pitched so well, I would have made Singleton my player of the game.

I know this may be an off the wall suggestion, but if Chavez is not going to resigned next year why not make the blockbuster for Giles or someone like Lowell right now with Chavez as the bait. Just a thought.

4 Anonymous { 07.22.03 at 2:21 pm }

Hey Marty,

Well, someone had to take the reins of the team. I’m glad to see Tejada attempt to do so. And then to go out there and get two of the A’s hits was impressive. Lets hope this is the start of some momentum now.

As far as Chavez, I wouldn’t mind trading him for Giles or a Giles type, as long as the A’s attempt to sign Tejada. I don’t think the team could afford to lose both of them. Chavez just seems too lackadaisacal a player to compete on this level. He is frustrating to watch. And as I listen to the A’s game right now, he just made a boneheaded baserunning mistake.


5 marty { 07.22.03 at 2:28 pm }

Once the dog days start the A’s pitching will be very dominant. I truly believe they will catch and pass Seattle with ease. Harden appears to be a step up from Lilly right now. As far as Chavez is concerned, Tejada is all but gone next season, Chavez will be in the same boat unless some miracle happens, I think it is worth exploring if you can get Beltran, Lowell, or Giles right now. It may not be crazy to do it, Chavez has a tremendous value in baseball and would bring two regulars in my opinion. It is worth considering.


6 Anonymous { 07.22.03 at 3:22 pm }

absolutely correct.they might as well do it now

rather than later. They are going to have to rebuild the left side of the infield.No question that

Tejada is gone.Why not pick up another bat and an outfielder.

7 Anonymous { 07.22.03 at 9:23 pm }

Gee I thought for a while earlier in the season I was on an island in suggesting that we trade Chavy with or without a Tejada re-signing. Good to see I’ve got some company, EVEN Mike.

So what happens, Chavy breaks out today with a 3 hit, multiple RBI game. Sheeesh! is it the Lilly/Long syndrome of flashes of brilliance followed by disappointment or is it a talented young player finally showing his potential? One game, of course wont tell us but my bet is you’ll see more swings at balls high and away, more lackadaisical baserunning, and yet, more prodigious homers.

For my money, I still trade him for value now and replace him with a Craig Council-type hustle guy that makes the plays, gives a good a bat consistantly, and is perhaps not as spectacular.

Reno Bill

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