Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

2 tough days

The last 24 hours have been rough ones for the A’s.
On Wednesday night, they blew a 2 run lead in the 9th
and lost on a walk-off home run by A-Rod. It is no disgrace to have Sheffield and A-Rod beat you, These 2 guys are marvelous players. The concern that I have is that the A’s closer has blown 3 saves out of 8 save
chances. Not a recipe for success. They A’s,however, are a better team with Dotel. He must not let this
game ruin his confidence. A closer must believe that
he is invincible on the mound and must believe that
what happened is in the past and not let the loss
affect him.

Today, Barry Zito continued his erratic ways. It must
be of great concern to the club that he is not
performing as he did in the past.Tim Hudson returns and that should be a big lift to the club. The A’s
now head to the Metrodome, the house of horrors,
for a big 4 game set with the Twins. These 2 teams
always play each other hard and let’s hope that the A’s earn at least a split.

Jerry Feitelberg


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2 Anonymous { 05.22.06 at 7:45 pm }

I’m a big fan of Barry Zito and first of all I hope he gets traded to a different team because Oakland is not gonna give him anything, what I mean is his run support. I admitt that he hasn’t been on top of his game but when he does he is gonna do a lot of good things so if he does go to a different team like the Mets he is definetly gonna be on the winning side. I prefer him over there because he will ge run support and he his going to be in a good starting rotation look Pedro Martinez and at the end of it Billy Wagner a reliver that I think is under rated so if Barry does get traded to the Mets it will be better on his part not Oakland because once he goes there going to realize how much talent they just lost I say trade Barry becuse he deserves better than Oakland!

By: Jaron Jenkins

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