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Baseball Prediction/Playoffs

Today is August 4th, and I know it is still early for people to get anticipated about the playoff picture,
but the teams that are a lock for the divsions are:.
AL East
New York Yankees
Wild Card-Boston

AL Central-Twins
(The reason I say this is because the White Sox don’t have Frank Thomas or Paul Konerko because they’re out for the rest of the season, so they are going to slip out of the playoff picture).

AL West-Oakland A’s

NL East-Atlanta Braves

NL Central-Cardinals(For sure)

NL West- San Francisco Giants(L.A. is going to slip out like they do every time September rolls around, especially trading Mota ,and LaDuca away to the Marlins.

NL Wild Card- Chicago Cubs

Projected Playoffs:
ALDS- Yankees @ Twins- Yanks win series in 5
ALDS-Boston @ Oakland(just like last year) Boston in 4
ALCS- BOston @ Yankees- Boston still can’t win against them, Yankees in 7 again.

NLDS- Braves @ Cubs- Cubs in 5 again
NLDS- Giants @ Cardinals- Cardinals in 4
NLCS-Cubs @ Cardinals- Cardinals in 6

World Series- Cardinals @ New York Yankees-
Cardinals beat Yankees in 6 games- (Yankees still can’t win a world series they’re just like the braves,
all division titles and no world series title to show for it,and this would be a 4 year driught of now winning the World Series)


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