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Baseball; A hard habit to break for Canseco

Two and half years, a stint in jail, and the threat of a “tell all” book that would damage the game that he once was king of, Jose Canseco, 40, still hasn’t gotten baseball out of his system.

According to circulated reports, Canseco will attend the Los Angeles Dodgers open try out on March 1st. Jose tried to convince Dodger scouts to watch him work out at a private location, but they said they had no interest, so Jose will once again eat some “humble pie” and attend the tryout.

Is Jose in a fantasy land? Is he listening to his ego and pride instead of his realstic abilities to produce in the big leagues?

Or, is Jose Broken-man , humbled and has finally decided to return to his first love with a new attitude? Is he willing to go through the humility process and prove to everyone he’s a new man?

If I’m a general manager of a Major league team, I might want to take and extra look at this possible wise investment.

Any team that may consider signing Canseco may have finally found the perfect time. He’s served some time in jail, in which I’m sure he did some deep self-evaluation. From recent photos, Jose seems very thinner, which was his physical condition when he had the most success in the mid-eightees. The more bulkier he was, the more it effected his once-devasting swing.

Of Course, he is an admitted steroid user, but that jacket is light with the latest news of rampage use of performing enhancing drugs in the big leagues.

Canseco will not use steroids not only because of the policy of random testing in the majors, but because he loves his freedom way too much.

With all the success of Canseco in the past, and even his somewhat successful stints with Chicago and Tampa Bay, why haven’t the front office people given him a chance? He has proven he can hit .250 with 25-30 dingers. Will a guy like Eric Karross be that much of an upgrade for the A’s then Canseco?

Or is there another motivation that only front office people have for not giving Jose another shot?

Canseco’s only 32 home runs away from the milestone 500. Why not allow Jose to reach 500 with your team? The Devil Rays are giving Mcgriff that opportunity. Jose has constantly stated that he will play for the bare minimum, just like his fellow former Oakland star Rickey Henderson. Yet both former MVP’s are without a spring training facility to go to.

Timing is everything. Jose may be just the right and wise investment right now.


1 glenpark { 02.25.04 at 8:27 pm }


Not clear why Jose would choose a NL team, at this point he seems a better fit in the AL –Lima made a believer of many last summer in KC, and Galaragga has been wonderful here –there is always room for a true veteran, someone with a great attitude —Jose may be fighting serious prejudice from the union, however, his “tell all” threats of a book may have alienated Fehr and Orza.

I still remember the night at the Coliseum when word came down around the third inning that Jose had been traded to Texas — what a deflating moment for every A’s fan in the stands that night.

Here’s hoping that some Dodgertown magic can rub off on Jose and he will have a great workout in Vero Beach.

By the way, did you see the Yankees signed Travis Lee? he looks like a sure upgrade over Tony Clark, and an equal to Nick Johnson — this is bad news for the league –what’s next ?– Garciaparra at 2B?

One last thing — a terrific baseball presence is David McCarty, trying to hang on in Boston — he is absolute class, plays because he truly loves the game –lets hope he sticks with Boston this year and gets to the playoffs.

2 marty { 02.25.04 at 11:06 pm }

The Canseco article was submitted by an anonymous writer ( a good reason to register so we know who to credit for the work).

David McCarty is working in the bullpen this spring with Boston trying to catch on as a pitcher and also as a DH ala Brooks Kieschnick with the Brewers.

The vets on the A’s conferred with Sandy Alderson and Tony LaRussa and all agreed that Jose had to go and he certainly did that night. Jose insisted that he wasn’t going to be traded and as the third inning unfolded it looked like he might be right.

Not to be and a chapter in A’s history came to a close that evening.

The Dodgers have Jeremy Giambi and Olmedo Saenz in camp, so why not Jose. The way LA hits he might have a chance.


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