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Giants Vs. A's – Again

by Glenn Dickey
Feb 27, 2006
WHEN I WROTE on February 16 that the A’s inability to get an AM radio station with a strong signal was the chief reason they remain the second team in the Bay Area market, readers insisted there were two other reasons the Giants are No. 1:

–They were here first, coming to San Francisco in 1958. The A’s came to Oakland 10 years later. [Read more →]

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This Week Inside Baseball and Right Off The Bat

This Thursday I will broadcast Inside Baseball from Phoenix Muni beginning at 6PM Pacific on 1550 AM around the Bay Area.

Rick Hurd national baseball writer from the Contra Costa Times will be with me.

On Saturday Right Off The Bat returns for its ninth season.

First show will be at 10:30 AM Pacific on 1550 AM.

Right Off the Bat will be on before every A’s radio game this spring 90 minutes before first pitch.

I’ll look forward to comments and maybe we’ll have time for some phone calls during the pregames from Arizona.

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Inside Baseball Thursday

Inside Baseball continues tonight at 4:30 PM live from Crogan’s Montclair.

Guests include Southern California sports reporter Fred Wallin, San Diego radio personality Craig Elsten, Roxie Bernstein, and Carl Foster.

Rick Hurd national baseball writer for the Contra Costa Times will be with me at Crogan’s.

Look for the show to be posted here shortly after its conclusion if all the connections are made.

Thanks to Alma and Robert Costa.

Part 1/4 – Fred Wallin

Part 2/4 – Craig Elston

Part 3/4 – Roxy Bernstein

Part 4/4 – Karl Foster

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Strange Views On Baseball Offseason

by Glenn Dickey
Feb 21, 2006

SOMETIMES I wonder if my colleagues are watching the same sports I’m watching.

For instance, The Sporting News did an analysis of baseball teams’ offseason moves, and there were some real mind-bogglers in there.

New Dodger general manager (and former Giants assistant) Ned Colletti was given four stars (out of a possible five) for his roster overhaul. In fact, though, the only really positive change for the Dodgers is the apparent good health of closer Eric Gagne. [Read more →]

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Fernando Floyd Colon

My father, Vicente Antonio Colon was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1911 and played baseball with Pancho Coimbre and the Ponce Leones. My father used to tell me stories about his days playing in the Puerto Rican League and how good Pancho really was.
I had the pleasure of meeting Senor Coimbre when I visited Puerto Rico with my father in 1967. My father was visting his father (my grandfather) Vicente who was ill at the time. Incidently, my grandfather was the first first baseman on a baseball team in Puerto Rico.
My father passed away in 1996, at the age of 85, and I certainly miss his wonderful stories of baseball on the island. [Read more →]

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Inside Baseball Thursday February 16th

This week’s Inside Baseball Show originates from Crogan’s Montclair.

Show begins at 6 PM on 1550 AM Pacific here in the Bay Area. My guests include Cubs Assistant GM Gary Hughes, Contra Costa Times national baseball writer Rick Hurd, and A’s play by play voice, the incomparable, Ken Korach.

Carl Foster and I will preview Cal versus Arizona as well.

Also after the show on Thursday come up to La Salle Cigars on La Salle Ave, just up the block from Crogan’s where I’ll host a Q&A about the up coming baseball season.

Look for the show on the site Friday morning as Rafael and Alma work to set up the MP3 file in case you missed the original broadcast.

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

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Inside Baseball Thursday Night

Inside Baseball, the winter edition continues its march toward spring training with the show airing at 6 PM on 1550 KYCY in the Bay Area tonight. Broadcast will originate from Fenton’s Creamery on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland.

Guests include Matt Mackenzie, writer for the Street and Smith Baseball Annual, Marcel Lachemann, pitching coach for the US team in the World Baseball Classic, and A’s manager Ken Macha who is in the Bay Area for the Fox baseball luncheon that will take place at Treasure Island today.

Carl Foster and I also will preview the Cal-Stanford basketball game that will follow the show.

Thanks to Alma, Jeff, and Rafael for posting the show. Click the link below and you can hear the show which aired on Thursday night February 9th. The segments with Matt MacKenzie and Marcel Lachemann will fire you up for spring training.

Click here to listen.

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Venzuela wins 2006 Caribbean Series

The Caracas Lions,representatives of Venezuela
beat the Licey Tigers of the Dominican Republic
to capture their first title in the Caribbean Series since 1989.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Inside Baseball Feb. 2

Inside Baseball

Segment 1: A’s Announcer, Ken Korach

Segment 2: Fred Wallin

Segment 3: Baltimore Orioles Scout, Deacon Jones

Just click on the segment and you will hear the show. Hope you enjoy this, I thank Jeff and Alma once again for making this available to everyone.

Great to have Ken Korach give us his view on the “Big Hurt”, Fred Wallin is an expert on Southern California sports and talks about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim law suit, then Orioles scout Deacon Jones covers the WBC plus fills us in on the 2006 Birds. Let me know what you think.


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