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Hitting Will Be The Key To The Summer

Solid pitching propelled the A’s to the top of the wild card race in the American league.

Solid hitting will keep them there.

One through nine in the batting order the A’s are tough outs at the plate. Game after game the A’s work the opposition pitchers into deep hitting counts, then deliver key hits.

The A’s are putting crooked numbers on the board, a sure way to win games.

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AJ Burnett to the A's, Why not?

Oakland Tribune sports writer Monte Poole got my attention this morning when he wrote that Billy Beane is gearing up to make a serious offer to the Marlins for right hander AJ Burnett.

I love the trade.

Who would the A’s give up and what are the benefits of such a move?

Number one it keeps Burnett from joining the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, or the White Sox, teams that will be either in the playoffs or in the mix right down to the end of the season.

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A's Even Surprise Beane

by Glenn Dickey

EVEN BILLY BEANE didn’t expect the torrid 37-13 run the A’s are on.

“I thought we had a good group of players,” said the A’s general manager in a telephone conversation. “We just got killed by injuries early. We had no bodies. But the team stayed together and then they started playing well, but no, I certainly couldn’t have anticipated this. But, I’ll tell you what, I’m really enjoying it.’’

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With or without Bonds, next year's Giant needs remain constant.

Marty; Despite being in the worst division in baseball, the Giants are kidding themselves and others if they insist they are in contention for a playoff spot this year. This is a team with weaknesses up and down the lineup but one need go no further than the pitching rotation to highlight their problems.

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Batter Up July 24th….. What A Summer Ahead

The American League Central will play a big part in determining the A’s fate in their quest for a 2005 playoff spot.

Thanks to the quirks of the schedule, the A’s will play 22 games against the Indians, Tigers, Royals and Twins through the end of August. In recent years the A’s have walloped the Central during their midsummer meetings.

This year may be different. [

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IN PERSON: Palmeiro's 3,000 hit

My favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles. Since I
arrived from Cuba as a teenager at 17 to live
with my aunt in Miami I adopted the Orioles.
One of my first jobs was as a ball boy at the old
Miami Stadium in NW 23rd St in Miami where the
Orioles used to have their Spring Training home.
Last week I saw my favorite team and a compatriot
carving his name in history. I was ‘up close and
personal with guys like John (Boog) Powell,
Jim Gentile, Brooks Robinson, Chuck Estrada,
Gus Triandos and others.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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A's Back in the Hunt, Doing It Their Way

The A’s are back in the playoff picture.

What’s most encouraging about the team’s return to respectability is that A’s are doing it their way. Strong pitching, clutch hitting, and solid defense.

For the past five seasons, as June turned into July, Oakland made its move on the leaders.

As the weather gets warmer A’s fans sit back and watch the team run off four and five game winning streaks in a routine fashion.

Why does it happen like clockwork each year?

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Mid-year; Any Hope for the Giants? by Ed Stern

Marty; One half of the season has been played. It has been an unhappy, miserable experience for the Giants. They are playing in what is probably the worst division in baseball, are nine losing games out of first and have three clubs in front of them, Looking forward to a significantly better second half might be an exercise in futility.

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Giant check to Hispanic Museum

Prior to the game on July 22 at SBC
Park between the Florida Marlins
and the San Francisco Giants,
executives for the Giants will
present officers of The Hispanic
Heritage Baseball Museum
a check for $25,000

Amaury Pi-González [

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Batter Up July 10th, 2005

The Yankee clubhouse is known as the Bronx Zoo.

The Red Sox aren’t very far behind.

Terry Francona is losing his grip on the world champions.

First, Francona has his team mad at him for naming Anaheim’s Bartolo Colon to the all star team instead of his own pitcher Matt Clement. The slight costing Clement his $250,000 all star bonus. [Read more →]

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