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They all want to play in the Majors

During the past 20 years baseball has
really become international and according
to Major League Baseball annual report
there is a new record of foreign players
today. The percentage of players born
outside the United States increased to
a 29.2%. The best players in the world,
they all want to come here and play.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Just What Is Wrong with the Giants? by Ed Stern

Marty; If there is one thing which should have been learned these past two years, writing some thirty five columns each year in following the fortunes and misfortunes of the Giants, it is that being inevitably opinionated once a week leaves one open to captions such as the above. A short time ago I pointed out the Giants pitching problems resided in the inability of the bullpen to get anyone out when it made a difference.

Note: Ed’s column was filed before Jerome Williams was optioned to Fresno.

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Batter Up April 24th

After watching the AL West play head to head during the first month of the season, it is clear to me that no team is going to run away and dominate this division.

The key to being successful in the long season is preserving your pitching staff. Overworking ones bull pen in April does not bode well for a stretch run in September.

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Long Time Prep Sports Writer Merv Harris Passes Away by George Devine, Jr.

I know many of you may have seen this in Tuesday’s Chronicle Sporting Green, but longtime Bay Area Sportswriter Merv Harris passed away this week.

I first met Merv in 1985 or 86 when he covered Sacred Heart basketball for the old Examiner during my high school years. Over the years, I learned a great deal from Merv. He used to recall his days covering the Fabulous Lakers of the early 70’s and draw similarities with the games and athletes he covered in the ’80s and ’90s. Merv would manage to keep accurate statistics in his trusty little scorebook while sharing a tale or two about Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, and other NBA giants of .the pre-SportsCenter era. If anyone ever heard a WCAL basketball PA announcer chuckle as they started to announce a foul, you can blame Merv for providing an ill-timed, but well-appreciated to a story about Bob Cousy or Nate Thurmond.

Please click below for a wonderful tribute to Merv Harris by George Devine, Jr. I knew Merv from my early days in radio when he was on “The Prep Sports Showcase,” one of my first shows on KECG 88.1 FM. A terrific man! Thanks George for this article. Marty Lurie [Read more →]

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First in War in Peace and in the NL East

President Bush threw out the first pitch last
week at RFK Stadium, temporary home of
the Washington Nationals,once the Montreal
Expos and baseball fever is back in the

By Amaury Pi-González [

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New owner. Here’s hoping to a new stadium.

Lew Wolff may be the grandfather-like owner A’s fans have sought since ownership of the team passed from the hands of Walter Haas and his family in 1995. Wolff, the new Managing Partner of the A’s has responded to the concerns of fans by making two items in his agenda as owner perfectly clear.

[

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Eric Chavez Still An Enigma by Glenn Dickey

THE OAKLAND A’s are a much different team this year, with an almost entirely new starting rotation, but there is one constant: We’re all still wondering when Eric Chavez will finally fulfill his potential.

Players who are able to make it to the big leagues before their 21st birthday, as Chavez did in September, 1998, are usually headed for the Baseball Hall of Fame. We’re talking players like Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Orlando Cepeda, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Ted Williams. Ken Griffey Jr. would be in the grouping, too, if it weren’t for his frequent injuries. [Read more →]

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Rueter and the Giants' Bullpen; An Unfortunate Combination

Marty; I was looking forward to spending a relaxing week, watch a few ball games and then reflect on the week’s developments. Yesterday I raised some concerns about the state of the Giants’ bullpen, additionally giving vent to the thought that managment should, sooner rather than later, consider the need to remove Rueter from a starting role. Little did I realize that within twenty-four hours what had been expressed as a portent of things to come would quickly reach calamitous proportions. [Read more →]

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Bull Pen Woes Once Again? By Ed Stern

Marty; The season is now six games behind us. six games in a long marathon season. While these six games have undoubtedly not bequeathed additional insight to us, they may have reinforced thoughts which have been lurking since the start of spring training.

The Giants have won four of these six games, three of them coming at the expense of the hapless Rockies. In these games, not unexpectedly, the team has called on the bullpen in each of them. Leaving Benitez aside, he having performed as expected, the ”pen, in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings has failed, with dismal regularity, to get hitters out. [Read more →]

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Power Rankings shuffle…

The deadline is quickly approaching to file one’s post-season prognostications. Across America, barroom banter is fully charged with patrons adjusting their visions of playoff participants and pennant champions. Now is the time to perfect their ballot, before injuries and dead arms take effect. [Read more →]

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