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Three Latino Statues

When Juan Marichal got the news
about being the second Latinamerican
player to have a statue,
he was honored, thrilled, but not
well informed.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Batter Up March 27th by Marty Lurie

When baseball fans hear names such as Johnny Sain, Walt Hriniak, Charlie Lau, and Leo Mazzone they immediately recognize some of the most successful major league coaches in baseball history, men who have shaped the careers of numerous hall of famers.

Add A’s infield coach Ron Washington to the above list.

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End of the Bonds Era; Time to Move On by Ed Stern

Marty; There isn’t much left to say about the unfortunate Bonds interview the other day. The man is clearly in trouble and his troubles don’t reside solely in damaged knees. As said here recently, the courtroom is a different venue from a press conference. Bonds will not be able to exclude people he doesn’t approve of from the courtroom. The beat reporter from the Chronicle will remain in the courtroom whether Bonds approves of him or not.

Bonds has a narrow and incorrect view of what constitutes the media. The Chronicle, the focus of his disdain, is a San Francisco, Northern California, provincial paper. I daresay that Bonds didn’t read the national press, such as the New York Times. the day after his latest press conference. Under the Nixonian heading, “Won’t Be a Surly Superstar To Kick Around Anymore”, sportswriter Selena Roberts expressed her contempt for Bonds, as a person, in no uncertain terms, describing what she characterized as his “aversion to accountability”.

Fans Ed Stern is the most qualified person I know to comment on what lies ahead for Barry Bonds.

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2005 Predictions Part II (National League)

The National League might have
to wait until the All Star break
to see its biggest star take a
swing in pursuit of the record.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Barry Bonds, Legal Probelms, and Baseball by Ed Stern

Marty; Two comments, one by you and one by Amaury, are provocative. Amaury says, in his article analyzing the American League, “leave the steroids to the clinical experts”. You point out that the Giants, without Bonds, “are a very old team without a leader”. There is a relationship between these observations.

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Batter Up March 20th

A good major league bench is made up of players who understand their role.

Examples of players who have successfully filled that role recently on winning teams are: John Mabry, Olmedo Saenz, Ruben Sierra and Gabe Kapler.

The 2005 projected A’s bench players don’t fit that mold.

Here’s what I mean.

The projected bench players who will leave Phoenix want to play every day, not sit by waiting for a chance to contribute late in a game. [Read more →]

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2005 Predictions Part I (American League)

Let’s leave the steroids with the “clinical experts”
in the talk shows and let’s talk baseball with the
start of the 2005 Major League Season.
With that in mind these are my predictions.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez
Scottsdale,Arizona [

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Sabean's Gamble; A Realistic Look at the Giants' Prospects by Ed Stern

Marty; The season is a bare two weeks from opening day. The free agent frenzy has quieted down. Teams have made their moves, huge sums of money, when available, have been committed. Whether the money has been wisely spent remains to be seen. The Giants have been among the free spenders. Predicting the wisdom of their moves is a hazardous venture. Nevertheless, one might get some small credit for making the attempt.

The Giants have provided an on-going drama for the past five or six years. They have won division titles, been to the playoffs consistently, and, in 2002, came hearbreakenly close to winning it all. This was done while fielding a team of average talent, playing alongside the incomparable Barry Bonds, arguably the greatest hitter the game has known.

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CACTUS LEAGUE SPECIAL: The Commissioner's Tour

It is a ‘Song and Dance Act’ by baseball
reigning Commissioner Mr.Bud Selig,
the weekend of the 12 and 13 of March
at Peoria and then Scottsdale.
But on Sunday the 13th Major League
Baseball took another punch to the

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez
Scottsdale, Arizona. [

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Batter Up March 12th

Picture this.

Beautiful sunshine, green grass, A’s playing the Arizona Diamondbacks on a peaceful day in the desert.
Rich Harden on the mound.

Harden winds up and throws effortlessly. The ball is a white a blur coming towards the batter. I look at the radar gun held by the baseball scout sitting next to me. The gun registers 97 MPH.

The ability to pitch a ball at blinding speed always has been one of the most dramatic skills in baseball. [Read more →]

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