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My Scariest Halloween Nightmare by Rick Kaplan

Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer

OAKLAND (October 31) – I am in a really spooky Busch Stadium, surrounded by thousands and thousands of giddy, red-clad Pat Robertson clones, who have just marched over from the world’s largest Pancake House.

In my clammy vision, I am begging not to be sent to Winter Sports Purgatory two days early. I am reaching for one last grasp of the horsehide, but face-offs, three point lines, and first downs are now everywhere.

An enormous scoreboard clock ticks down to two minutes. Everything stops, except David Eckstein. He shoulders a bat that is a foot taller than he is, and strides to the plate as the earth shudders.

C’mon, Tigers, do something! But that can’t be! All their fielders are pitchers?

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Kenny Rogers' Foreign Substance, And thoughts on Ron Washington

Professor OaklandLet’s get the rants started, my high-speed; A’s obsessed pupils. I have such little to say, and so much time.

Wait a minute.

Switch that.

Been busy tackling a freelance assignment from Detroit, so I’ve been mixing and matching for Kenny Rogers’ next start. Had nothing to do with Rogers’ game 3 start in the ALCS against our A’s, but since he’s been caught, they’re trying to manufacture an invisible substance. High definition television will expose you every time, Kenny.

So, the A’s are managerless?

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Tony LaRussa's best job ever

Last time I saw and spoke with Tony LaRussa was during a game I was broadcasting for the Giants
against the Cardinals at ATT Park in San Francisco
this season. I walked into his office early that afternoon at the Cardinals dressing room and
he asked me what kind of pitches did Giants
pitcher Brad Hennessy threw. I remember joking with my answer but telling him, nonetheless,
that I have not seen Hennessy that much and
was not qualified to answer the question.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Lost in Translation

With all the turmoil at the end of the A’s season the fact that the team had an excellent season was lost.

Instead of celebrating a trip to the ALCS, the focus turned to other matters.

How did the team do in 2006?

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Tigers in Three, No Make That Four!

Much has transpired since last Sunday.

The Tigers now know they will face the Cardinals in the World Series.

The A’s fired their two-time AL West Division winning manager Ken Macha.

Let’s start with the Tigers. Detroit completely outplayed the Yankees and the A’s on their way to the AL pennant. The Cardinals rode the arms of Jeff Suppan, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Weaver, and Adam Wainwright to the NL flag.

Power pitching is the key to October success. With Kenny Rogers, as Eric Byrnes said on the Fox pre-game show, possessed, the Tigers should breeze through the series in four games behind their dominant pitching staff.

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A.L West Managers: What's going on ?

The smallest division in Major League Baseball,the American League West with only four teams is the
most volatile when it comes to managers.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Never Too Early To Think About '07

Hope springs eternal in baseball. As long as there is a chance to succeed, baseball fans must keep the faith.

With the Tigers putting an end to the A’s season in the ALCS, it’s not too early to think about next season.

So how do the A’s retool for 2007?

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ALCS result not a surprise

What do you expect when a team almost last in hitting meets a team that is #1 in pitching ?
Usually the pitching wins!
The Oakland A’S were 13th in hitting this season in the American League while the Detroit Tigers were
first in pitching.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez [

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Inside Baseball Saturday Night 10/14/06

Shooty and Marty Inside Baseball with Marty Lurie & Shooty Babitt – Whats the Future of the A’s?, Kotsay: trade bait?, Manny Ramirez: Good pick up for the A’s?, Tigers: Are they winning it all?

Segment one : Marty & Shooty
Segment two : Marty & Shooty
Segment three: Marty & Shooty
Segment four: Marty & Shooty
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ALCS Edition of Right Off The Bat 10/14/06

Shooty and Marty ALCS Game 4 – Oakland A’s vs. Detroit Tigers
Right Off the Bat with Marty Lurie – Playoff Show

Segment one : Show Open with Marcel Lacheman
Segment two : Report from Kari Wolf
Segment three: Marty takes calls
Segment four : Interview – Curtis Granderson
Segment five: Marty takes more calls
Segment six : Memories of the Game – Manny Mota
Segment seven: Rattle the Lumber with Ken Korach

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