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A.L West Managers: What's going on ?

The smallest division in Major League Baseball,the American League West with only four teams is the
most volatile when it comes to managers.

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezOAKLAND:
The 2006 AL Western Division Champion Oakland
Athletics won 93 and lost 69 with Ken Macha at the helm. During 4 years as manager Macha compiled
a 368-280 record. With a payroll of around $60 million and a bunch of injuries to key players, he
brought the ’06 A’S into the ALCS. He was fired.
If Ron Washington doesn’t get the job this time is
because he probably also is not on Billy Beane’s
radar. Beane, then would welcome the Rangers or other team to hire Washington, this way he(Beane)
would then hire the person he thinks would work
better with him, not with the players, but with him.
Dusty Baker would love to manage the A’S,he already lives here, but the A’S might not be able to afford him(like $2 million per season) they need the money to sign some players that they would like to keep around for 2007.

Mike Scioscia is the “Dean” of managers in this
division. With a record of 609-525 .537 and one World Series ring(2002). Scioscia has managed
the Anaheim-Los Angeles Angels since 2000 which seems like an eternity in this division for a manager. To his advantage he works for Arturo Moreno a man that has a large bank account and
would get players in the free agent market like
Vladimir Guerrero,Bartolo Colón and others that
many teams cannot afford.
Mike Scioscia is staying for 2007. They still like to go after Miguel Tejada and Barry Bonds would be
a perfect fit for them as DH. Yes, of course they
have the money…

The Rangers were rebuilding and had a $65 million
payroll to work with. Buck Showalter brought his
Rangers to the finish line in 2006 with a 80-82
record. He got fired and the Rangers as of today
are interviewing for the open position every day
guys like Ron Washington, Manny Acta and
others looking to replace Showalter.
It looks like Texas has been rebuilding since they
were founded and the Texas heat is always blamed
for the failures of the team.

The Mariners fired bench coach Ron Hassey with a week left in the season. The team finished last for the second season in a row under Mike Hardgrove as manager with a record of 78-84 and a payroll
around $90 million, with much of that money going to Ichiro-Beltre-Sexson and Ibañez.
Mariners attendace is getting smaller by the year,although they still draw 2.5 to 2.7 million fans per season. They will sign Jason Schmidt this winter and try to rebuilt their starting rotation.
Mike Hardgrove stays, he kept his job. However,
it is almost certain that if in 2007 the Mariners have
a bad April he(Hargrove)and GM Bill Bavasi would be fired.


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