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Kenny Rogers' Foreign Substance, And thoughts on Ron Washington

Professor OaklandLet’s get the rants started, my high-speed; A’s obsessed pupils. I have such little to say, and so much time.

Wait a minute.

Switch that.

Been busy tackling a freelance assignment from Detroit, so I’ve been mixing and matching for Kenny Rogers’ next start. Had nothing to do with Rogers’ game 3 start in the ALCS against our A’s, but since he’s been caught, they’re trying to manufacture an invisible substance. High definition television will expose you every time, Kenny.

So, the A’s are managerless?

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Professor OaklandWow. Professor has been through his share of skippers. Sigh. From Billy Martin, Steve Boros, Jackie Moore, hell, even Jeff Newman had a 10-day stint in 1986, before Tony La Russa snatched the job. Art Howe and Ken Macha served their purpose as Beane’s glamorized puppets, but Professor isn’t sure what’s tucked in the complex mind of Mr. Moneyball.

As I was brooding over some possible candidates over a shot of wheat grass, Professors’ sharp side insists Beane doesn’t really want Ron Washington as the A’s next skipper, though he’s clearly the pupil’s choice. Washington, though, will be a better fit for another team, though the professor would be tickled to see him steer the green-painted ship. Thanks to the microscope, I came up with these findings:

As a third base coach, Washington has a had a great run with the A’s organization, and is clearly savored by players and pupils, but co-managing with Beane amid a heated division race, may become destructive. Such a predictable confrontation may smother the team’s chemistry, and divide players.

Beane claimed he came to the rescue and fired Macha for the sake of the team’s chemistry, but let’s see if he’ll hire a coach his players adore, Ron Washington.

Washington, like the professor, is outspoken, frank, and may not play baseball the Beane way. Manning the third base coaching box, and standing on the top step of the dugout, deploying his troops, are two different job descriptions. Beane appreciates Washington’s instinctive way of waving runners home, but will Beane appreciate his decision-making in the top of the eighth inning at Yankee Stadium? Beane might NOT want to take that chance.

Finally, Washington could develop his OWN identity and style with a new team, instead of walking under the shadows of the muscular general manger. As you can see, the professor wants the best for Wash.

We’ll chat about the other applicants, including Beane’s best buddy, tomorrow.

Until then, I remain.

The Professor


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