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No power outage for 715 in Spanish

I know, I know the Senate recently voted
English as the’National Language”in the
United States of America. When I arrived
in this country back in 1961 I never
thought otherwise. But anyway, Bonds
historic 715th was on the air Live in Spanish on
powerful (50,000 Watts)KLOK 1170 AM
for 62 games this season the Spanish
radio station for the San Francisco Giants.
With Erwin Higueros, Tito Fuentes, engineer
David Liu and yours truly. Tito was not working
that game.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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What's Wrong With the A's by Glenn Dickey

What’s Wrong With A’s
by Glenn Dickey
May 31, 2006

WHY ARE the A’s struggling after being picked by almost everybody to win the AL West this season?

Think of the team as a chair with just three legs intact. The fourth leg is the pitching, which should be the foundation of the team but has been racked by serious injuries. Two of the five starters are on the disabled list, Rich Harden and Esteban Loaiza. The loss of Harden is especially critical because, when he’s healthy, he may be the best pitcher in the league. But Loaiza’s loss hurts, too, because he was expected to firm up the rotation as the fourth or fifth starter. He was totally ineffective early, probably because he was injured and didn’t want to admit it.

With two starters out, the A’s have had to bring Kirk Saarloos back out of the bullpen and even use Brad Halsey, who was in Sacramento when the season began.

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Waiting For The Next Craig Biggio by Rick Kaplan

Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer

OAKLAND (May 30) – Measuring greatness is tricky business.

Bill James, writing in his epic New Historical Baseball Abstract in 2001 called Craig Biggio “the best player in major league baseball today.”

Not Barry Bonds. Not Ken Griffey, Jr. Not Ichiro. Not fellow Houston Astro Jeff Bagwell.

James instructs us that we can dismiss Griffey’s 56 home runs in 1998 – Biggio had 20 – and concentrate on Biggio’s lead in doubles (51-33) and singles (137-88). By the time we are done with Biggio’s margin in steals and hit-by-pitches, Griffey has practically retreated to journeyman status on James’ mysterious index of true baseball value.

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Inside Baseball Saturday Night 05/27/06

Bruce Jenkins from the San Francisco ChronicleInside Baseball with Marty Lurie – Week in Review: Top Team – Mets, Frank Robinson crying?, Detroit: Surprise team of the year?, and Randy & the Yanks: Too old now?.

Segment one : Marty, Bruce Magowan and Bruce Jenkins(San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist).
Segment two : Marty, Bruce Magowan and Bruce Jenkins.
Segment three: Marty, Bruce Magowan and Rick Hurd(national baseball writer from the Contra Costa Times).
Segment four : Marty and Bruce Magowan.

[

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Relievers Need To Get Nine Outs In Today's Game

Hall of Fame righthander Jim Palmer, the Orioles top pitcher on their AL championship teams during the 60’s and 70’s understands the intricacies of baseball.

Palmer told me that the last three outs of a ballgame are the toughest outs to get.

I believed him until this year.

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Baseball Extra on Right Off The Bat

Ray Ratto Interview May 24, 2006

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Clemente's #21 should be retired

Major League Baseball is seriously thinking of retiring Roberto Clemente’s #21 uniform
and installing the number in all 30 MLB parks
(just like Jackie Robinson’s #42).
The idea is good and this is why I think it will happen.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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A Wolff in Sheep's Clothing by Rick Kaplan

Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer

OAKLAND (May 25) – If you want to get a sense of what the crowds will look like at the proposed new mallpark in Fremont, take in an Angels’ game in Anaheim, or even go right over to the Giants’ Phone Bill Park . . . But bring your sunglasses, because the white-out is more intense than in the middle of a blizzard in the High Sierra.

The Oakland Coliseum, on the other hand, hosts crowds that are among the most integrated, and least gentrified, in all of baseball . . . On May 15, The Oakland Tribune gave front page space to a sleazy voice known as which claims there is concern in the burbs about “the A’s bringing crime with them to Fremont” . . . Considering that many A’s fans from the Coliseum – presumably the souce of “crime” this website refers to – won’t be able to afford the tickets and the gas to get to Fremont, imaginary crime from Oakland is one thing the I-880 Athletics won’t have to worry about . . . Unless they happen to be referring to some bases getting stolen, which is even less likely at an A’s game now, since Jason Kendall suddenly seems to be able to reach second base regularly and the A’s offense has no speed to speak of . . .

Rather than calculating how to cater to the suburban paranoia, the A’s owners could identify their urban market and do a lot more to fill the Coliseum with these loyal fans . . . And don’t think that the A’s are running some kind of charity operation in Oakland.

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Why Do They Hate Barry Bonds? by Glenn Dickey

May 23, 2006

BARRY BONDS’ problems with the media – or, vice versa – began early in his Giants career.

Early in the 1993 season, Sports Illustrated assigned a writer to do a cover story on Bonds. SI writers are accustomed to being treated like royalty when they come to town. Athletes who are uncooperative with the local writers will talk effusively to the magazine writers, because they know it will be a national story.

Not this time. Bonds kept the SI writer waiting for six days before he was willing to be interviewed.

The result: The magazine the next week featured a picture of Bonds on the cover with the headline, “I’m Barry Bonds and you’re not.”

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Baseball Extra on Right Off The Bat

Rattle the Lumber with “the Captain” Ken Korach Interview May 21, 2006

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