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No power outage for 715 in Spanish

I know, I know the Senate recently voted
English as the’National Language”in the
United States of America. When I arrived
in this country back in 1961 I never
thought otherwise. But anyway, Bonds
historic 715th was on the air Live in Spanish on
powerful (50,000 Watts)KLOK 1170 AM
for 62 games this season the Spanish
radio station for the San Francisco Giants.
With Erwin Higueros, Tito Fuentes, engineer
David Liu and yours truly. Tito was not working
that game.

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezMy younger partner Erwin Higueros was at the
microphone in the bottom of the fourth inning
when Barry Bonds hit his historic 715th home run
placing him second ‘all alone, 40 behind Aaron.’

It was a beautiful afternoon at ATT Park with a very
nice view of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay at
2:13. Steve Finley walked and Barry Bonds worked
the count to 3 and 2 against Rockies right hander Byun Hyun- Kim. Prior to Erwin’s call I said on the air: “there is no reason for Kim not to throw a strike to Bonds here, he has a 6-0 lead and there
are no outs, he has to throw a strike”
… seconds later BANG ! deep to center and Adios
Cuandrangular 715 is in the books. The place went
loco, crazy, fireworks, black and orange streamers where flying all over the place.. As Bonds crossed the plate his son Nikolai greeted him and catcher
Todd Green gave Barry a hug. The Carnaval
that was taking place in The Mission District has
moved to ATT Park !!!

As I looked to my right(only a glass separates me
from Dave Fleming) I noticed some kind of
commotion as I saw Fleming being handed a
wireless microphone. This was probably after his
regular microphone failed for about 10 seconds,
the time he was making this historic call was
completely missed, not on the air. Gone like the
ball that Barry hit over the center field fence.
The KNBR booth with Fleming,Papa and engineer
Lee Hammer seemed like there were attending a funeral and not a happy,festive event like the
one we have just witnessed.

I can simpatize with Fleming a young broadcaster
in his third year doing major league for the
San Francisco Giants. But this stuff happens,
although as incredible as it may seem. Many
times a $2.50 fuse has caused an airplane to crash
with heavy lost of life, a weak battery can ruin
a good interview on the field. This reminds me
of my days as Sports Anchor on Television. I would work for hours trying to propduce my 3-4 minute sports segment inside the 6PM news and because a
“machine”malfunctioned a very nice action video
of a homerun, a goal or a touchdown didn’t aried,
in the middle of my segment, ruining everything.

We are living in a special era for baseball. Yours truly called Rafael Palmeiro’s 3,000 hit last year
at Safeco Field in Seattle. Few weeks later we learned that Palmeiro was suspended after he was
proved positive for steroids use. After it happened the call was aired all over on ESPN Español and a few copies were sent to different media outlets
including MLB. But today that 3,000 hit doesn’t mean anything for Rafael Palmeiro or Major League
Baseball.n It was a 3,000 hit plateau for a player under the influence of steroids. Let’s hope Barry Bonds 715 stands “clean”of controversy althought
anybody would be naive to think that.

When Commisioner Bud Selig says that
Major League Baseball “doesn’t celebrate number 2
on anything” what he wants to say is that baseball
doesn’t want to celebrate steroids. He just doesn’t come out and say it like it is, but that is basically what he means. We live during great ‘spin doctors’
type of consultants who get paid big bucks to make a bad situation good, or to try to change something that is perceived as bad as something that is
okay, or even good.

But baseball celebrates number 2. What do you think is when a Wild Card team advances to the
Playoffs and (few times already)has won the
World Series. I have seen Wild Card teams
open the Champagne after they clinched.
Isn’t the Wild Card a #2 finish ? If it is not,is there something I am missing here ?

It is fine with me that Bonds admited to Jim Gray during a recent TV interview that he(Bonds)is
responsible for much of the stuff and the bad
publicity and the “lack of love”(everyplace outside
San Francisco)he is getting. At least he recognizes
that, maybe too late, but at least he came out and
said it and I can appreciate that.

Are the Giants going to sign Bonds for 2007 ?
How many teams want Bonds for next year ?
Does he wants to go through another Spring
Training in 2007 -he will be close to 43 years old
by then. At this time there are nothing but questions and a few answers.

This is what I think is going to happen. Bonds will
retire after this season with around 730 home runs
(if his knees and older body let’s him play another
80 games or so).

The oldest player ever to hit close to 20 home runs
in a season was catcher Carlton Fish when he hit 18 at the age of 43 years old. If Bonds finishes with
730 this year, he still has 25 more to go to tie The Hammer.
Since 1994 Amaury Pi-González has worked as play by play in Spanish for the San Francisco Giants and since 2003 for the Seattle Mariners.
For 17 seasons he did same for the Oakland
Athletics. He was inducted into the CSHOF (Cuban Sports Hall of Fame)in Miami, Florida in 2004 as well the HHBM Hall of Fame in San Francisco.
His articles in English and Spanish appear in various newspapers accross the country including
the oldest Spanish newspaper in San Francisco,
El Bohemio News.


1 Anonymous { 05.31.06 at 10:30 pm }

The use of steroids may have been wrong but players have always cheated. Gaylord Perry, Don Sutton and others were thought to doctor the ball to gain an advantage. “Greenies”
(amphetamines) have been used for years to gain an advantage. The achievements of Palmeiro and Bonds do indeed count. A player still has to see the pitch and then hit the pitch safely. The pitcher may have ben using steroids,too.
We will never know. What we do know is that Bonds has hit 715 balls out of the park and Palmeiro has over 3000 hits.
They may not get into the Hall of Fame on the 1st ballot
but they will be in Cooperstown.
Jerry Feitelberg

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