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Oakland: Less seats, more filling !

Most of the people I have spoken with do not like the new “seating arrangement”for this
upcoming season at the Oakland McAfee Coliseum.
Every place you look, every survey they take shows fans consternation.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Not Just Frank Thomas for A's

by Glenn Dickey
Jan 27, 2006

THE BEST part of the Frank Thomas signing is what A’s general manager Billy Beane has done before.

Because he acquired Milton Bradley from the Dodgers, the A’s can view Thomas as frosting on the cake. If he can stay healthy for at least 100 games, he’ll provide a very important power boost. If he doesn’t. . . well, the A’s still have a very solid lineup. [Read more →]

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Inside Baseball Thursday

Inside Baseball From Phoenix this Thursday night at 6 PM Pacific on 1550 AM in the Bay Area.

Shooty Babitt, Larry Kreuger, Carney Lansford and Carl Foster will join me on the show.

Whaddya think about the Big Hurt?

Look forward to the comments.

Click here to listen.

Marty [

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Foolhardy, but Irresistible January Predictions by Ed Stern

Marty: This is the loneliest time of year for baseball fans; spring training is a few weeks away, we have been putting up with NFL nonsense since the free agency free-for-all ended, and, in reality, there is very little to write about. Overcoming this problem, Bruce Jenkins, in this morning’s press, came up with an entertaining, “predicted order of finish, dead-of-winter version” of the Western Division, National League race.
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World Baseball Classic: World Class Hypocrisy

Cuba got Visas,so they will participate in
the first World Baseball Classic starting this
March 3 in Japan.
Some countries threatened to boycott if
Cuba didn’t come in, that was the epitome
of hypocrisy. For anybody that has really
followed baseball in the Caribbean is it a
joke !

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Inside Baseball Thursday

Inside Baseball airs this Thursday at 4 PM Pacific from Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland.

Shooty Babitt and I will have Cubs manager Dusty Baker, A’s manager Ken Macha, and A’s play by play voice Ken Korach on the show. Carl Foster will preview Cal Arizona State too.

If you are in Northern California you can hear the show on 1550 AM KYCY.

Also, I’ll try to put the show on the home page again as soon as possible in an MP3 format.

I thank Alma and Jeff for getting that done last week.


Dusty Baker: Part 1/2 Part 2/2.

Ken Macha: Part 1/2 Part 2/2.

Ken Korach: Part 1/1.

Carl Foster: Part 1/1. [

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Inside Baseball Show

Here is the show from Friday, January 13th in four separate MP3 files. My guests on the show are Shooty Babitt, Glenn Dickey, Tyler Bleszinski from, and new A’s play by play voice Vince Cotroneo. If this format works I’ll try to put next Thursday’s show on the site too. Please let me know what you think of the format (workable, easy to download, etc. in the comments section).

Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

[

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Ben Braun In Control: Bad Idea

BEN BRAUN always has to be in control, and that personality trait will prevent the Cal basketball team from reaching its full potential this season.

Braun can’t take even the slightest criticism. When I’ve written that he needs to get an assistant who could fix his offense, he always makes a comment about that the next time we meet.
[

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Inside Baseball This Friday Night

Inside Baseball, the winter version will air this Friday night beginning at 5:30 PM on 1550 AM KYCY.

I’ll be live from Crogan’s Montclair. Expected guests
include Tyler Blezynski from, Shooty Babitt, Glenn Dickey, and a surprise or two, perhaps Ken Korach’s new A’s radio partner for 2006.

We’ll also have Carl Foster who will break down the Cal-Stanford basketball game that will follow the show.

Marty [

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Inside Baseball Thursday January 5th

Tonight we will have Inside Baseball here in the Bay Area on 1550 AM beginning at 6 PM live from Crogan’s Montclair.

Shooty Babitt will join Carl Foster and Steve Kroner writer from the SF Chronicle on the show. We’ll talk some Cal hoops too.

How does Jeromy Burnitz fit into the picture in Pittsburgh? Can his signing impact the A’s?

Click below for the answer. [

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