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Fallen A's…by Josh Brown

The A’s have bad pitching and even worse hitting. The season is lost before the May has officially ended. Come’ on. Relax.

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Just Wait, Home Runs On the Way

Batter up May 29th

“Sports Illustrated” tells us this week that the number of home runs hit this season in the majors has fallen dramatically. The implication being that drug testing has taken the power out of the game and that pitching is back.

I don’t buy it. The number of home runs will be right back on the upswing once the weather warms up and the pitchers get tired. Happens every summer.

The late esteemed Hall of Fame baseball writer Leonard Koppett was correct when he said that you can’t judge any baseball statistic until you see a full season’s worth of games.

The weather hasn’t even heated up in Texas yet, but the way the Rangers are hitting home runs, they might cure the power drought by themselves.

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Rethinking the Giants Future by Ed Stern

Marty; It is time to get realistic about this Giants’ club and, while we’re at it, a very brief word about the A’s.

The A’s are a very bad ball club. Their hitting is deplorable, their fielding is abominable and their pitching leaves a great deal to be desired. Is there anything which hasn’t been covered? There is small reason to anticipate a remarkable turn around this year.

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The Marketing of the game

It is all about marketing these days, although
winning is what brings fans to the park some
teams do well without winning because they know
how to market their team.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez [

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Pitching Key to Summer Surge

As major league teams hit the quarter poll of the 2005 baseball season some things are becoming quite clear.

The A’s need to get to the .500 mark before they can be considered serious contenders in the AL West.

The A’s have to be careful not to fall double digits behind the Angels.

In years past, the team could count on a strong second half surge relying on the “Big Three” to carry them through the dog days of summer.

Not so now.

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Fantasy Baseball Different From The Real Game

Batter Up May 15th

Playing fantasy baseball gives fans a chance to run their own baseball team. As soon as you get the team in April it’s a thrill to trade players, pluck unknowns off the waiver wire, and make immediate changes in the roster.

Unfortunately a real baseball team doesn’t run that way.

Teams are built over the winter. Pieces are fit together during the six weeks spent in spring training. The finished product is put on the field in April.

Over the course of the first 50 games or so, the front office gets to see if the team meets expectations. If it doesn’t, minor changes can take place.

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A Statue for Juan Marichal

When the Oakland Athletics visit SBC Park
this May 21 the San Francisco Giants will
have in attendance Hall of Fame great
Juan Marichal, the best pitcher ever in
the history of the San Francisco Giants.
Giants will unveil a 9 foot bronze statue
of the “Dominican Dandy”.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Some Teams Looking Good, Others Looking for Help

Batter Up May 8th 2005

Baseball, like no other sport, plays out on a daily basis meandering week to week through an arduous 162 game schedule.

See your team win six of eight and everything is rosy.

If your favorite nine drops the same six of eight, the fans are ready to fire the manager along with the team mascot.

With over 130 games to go in the 2005 season, it’s time to check in on the teams off to good starts and the ones giving their general managers sleepless nights.

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Once again, the Giants pitching woes can hold them back.

Marty; It’s really a pleasure hearing from you and Amaury at the same time. There is no other major sport which allows the fans, over a long season, to constantly talk with each other about day by day problems and predictions, commiserate and criticize. Getting our minds removed for a short time at least from the everyday life and death problems the front pages shout out is a benefit we should accept gratefully.

Now some thoughts provoked by you and Amaury. The A’s, assuming they had the opportunity, should have retained Tejada rather than Chavez. Tejada is a ball player with the stature very close to the best player in the game today, Guerrero. These are great players. It is unlikely Chavez will ever justify that description. He is not a disciplined hitter and doesn’t appear to be on the path of becoming one.

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Life without Bonds

SBC Park is not selling out, there is no Barry
Bonds to be seen at the plate, the Giants lost
their closer Armando Benítez for most of the
season and all-of-a-sudden I do not get calls
from my “friends”for Giants tickets ?

By Amaury Pi-González [

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