Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Some Teams Looking Good, Others Looking for Help

Batter Up May 8th 2005

Baseball, like no other sport, plays out on a daily basis meandering week to week through an arduous 162 game schedule.

See your team win six of eight and everything is rosy.

If your favorite nine drops the same six of eight, the fans are ready to fire the manager along with the team mascot.

With over 130 games to go in the 2005 season, it’s time to check in on the teams off to good starts and the ones giving their general managers sleepless nights.

Click below for my analysis!The dark circles under Yankee GM Brian Cashman’s eyes will disappear once the Bombers start pitching.

Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, and Carl Pavano are strong enough to carry New York back into the pennant race. With a core group of hitters led by Gary Sheffield and Alex Rodriguez, once the rest of the bats heat up, the Yankees will be fine.

Middle relief is a problem for New York. If I’m the GM I’m looking for a hard throwing eighth inning reliever to get the ball to Mariano Rivera.

Boston is hitting the baseball. With pitchers David Wells and Curt Schilling on the DL, Tim Wakefield, Matt Clement, and Bronson Arroyo are giving the BoSox enough on the mound to keep number one Red Sox fan Peter Gammons happy.

Good things are happening in Baltimore. Miguel Tejada is having another MVP season. The Oriole bull pen is becoming a force. The O’s should look for the first starting pitcher who becomes available and jump before the Yankees grab him.

Pitchers Johan Santana and Brad Radke are keeping the Twins within hailing distance of the White Sox. Minnesota has two stars in hitters Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau plus a lights out bull pen.

With the real “three aces” on the mound the White Sox are the story in the AL Central. If Jon Garland keeps pitching the way he has the first six weeks of the year, he’ll start the all star game. Jose Contreras and El Duque have been terrific, the Sox are in for the long haul as long as their pitching holds up.

Don’t give up hope in Cleveland. This club is too good to continue at the bottom of the AL in offense. Tribe fans don’t despair, just wait until June. Cliff Lee, CC Sabathia, Kevin Millwood, and Jake Westbrook will rattle off ten wins in a row over a two week period.

Advice to the big boys: start combing the rosters of the Royals, Blue Jays, Pirates, Rockies, and Devil Rays for pitching help right now.

Everyone in the AL West better be careful because Garret Anderson and Steve Finley are starting to swing the bat. If Anaheim gets another strong reliever to take some innings in the pen, then Scott Shields and Frankie Rodriguez may make it to September.

When will Seattle sluggers Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson start raking the ball? I’d bring up 19 year old phenom pitcher Felix Hernandez right now because this team needs some life.

The Rangers need bull pen help and until they get it, Texas will play .500 ball. Looks like starter Pedro Astacio may have lost his groove. Another proven pitcher is necessary down in Arlington.

Barry Zito and Rich Harden give the A’s a chance to win every time they take the ball. Another big run producer is a necessity in the A’s lineup.

The A’s had two problems in 2004: a leaky bull pen and leaving runners on base.

The GM fixed the pen, but only added Jason Kendall to the offense. Kendall’s forte is getting on base. Sp far this season the runners are on base again but they still don’t have that one big bopper to drive them in.

The Giants are looking for relief. Join the crowd Brian Sabean. If the Giants can straighten out their pitching like they did last year, they’ll be right back in the thick of the NL West.

Brad Penny’s recent success and the expected return of closer Eric Gagne next week certainly brightens the hope of Dodger fans.

Javier Vasquez and Brandon Webb are lights out on the hill for Arizona. If closer Brandon Lyon keeps racking up saves and the big bats wake up, Arizona might keep going the West.

Everyone in the NL East is fine except for the Phillies. Injuries are hurting the Phils, I’d see if pitchers Cory Lidle or Jon Leiber might be available before the ship sinks completely .

If you have any feelings for the Cubs please send a closer ASAP. LaTroy Hawkins, a dynamite set up man, has blown so many saves that he will totally self destruct if Dusty Baker keeps running him out there in the ninth inning.


1 Anonymous { 05.09.05 at 2:10 pm }

Are we seeing Eric Chavez…minus the ‘roids for the first time?

Count on the A’s to help Mike Mussina and Kevin Brown get back on track. Is there some mystery why the A’s aren’t scoring? They have number 7 hitters batting fourth, fifth, sixth. On most teams Hatterberg is a bench player (as he was with Boston). Durazo is a solid singles hitter ( won’t get you 100 RBIs or top 22 homers). Kielty…bench player. Byrnes…bench player. Kotsay…major league hitter. Thats it.

Everyone’s asking what’s with the A’s bats. Come on people. Its painfully obvious. They have bench and lower third of the line up players all over this batting order. What do you expect? Most of these guys would be nothing more than role players for most ML teams. Believe it.

Don’t expect it to change either until they bring in outside help (Reggie Sanders?).


2 Anonymous { 05.09.05 at 4:46 pm }

There are enough A’s followers making their presence known on this site to make any comments of mine superfluous. Despite that, to put Ned’s comments in a nut shell, this is simply a bad ball club. One “big bopper”, assuming one is out there, is not going to make the difference. As for the Giants, the difference between today’s team and last year’s, as far as the pitching goes, is the difference between last year’s Schmidt and this year’s. I charted about three innings of his latest start before I quit. There undoubtedly are physical problems which no one has been willing to talk about, although Schmidt did make some reference the other day to the fact that he is unable to throw the ball hard, although he insists he’s healthy. He can’t bring his fast ball consistently into the nineties, his eighty- eight mph pitches are all over the place, he’s walking opposing pitchers with runners in scoring positions. This was the bellwether of the pitching staff. Without Schmidt being close to the Cy Young winner he has been until this year, it’s ‘Kitty bar the door’ for the remaining 130 games.

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