Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Right off the Bat 05/30/07

Right Off The Bat with Marty Lurie

Segment one : Marty opens the show
Segment two :Interview – Eric Gagne
Segment three : Interview – Steve Bitker
Segment four : Marty sets up Memories
Segment five : Memories of the Game: Ron Leflore 3
Segment six : Rattle the Lumber with Ken Korach

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1 Anonymous { 05.31.07 at 1:51 pm }

Dear Marty,

Thanks for the item on Ron LeFlore.  I grew up in Michigan, and that summer where The Bird, Rusty Staub and Ron LeFlore all started in the All-Star Game was truly magical.  There was a movie about Ron LeFlore out then that told his whole story.  I don’t remember anytime in baseball where people anticipated a pitcher’s every start more than Fidrych – non-baseball fans, old ladies and housewives, would even tune in to follow, you could hear the chants in the backround on the radio broadcasts.  Valenzuaela may have had the same effect.  LeFlore was also another big story at that time – he was the ultimate leadoff man at that time.

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