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Poem: It was the night before the strike

It was the night before the strike, pain through the night.

Not a newsflash was breaking, what a dreaded sight!

Trying to sleep, I imagined the best, but with still no word, I prayed for the best.

Awaiting for news from Donald of Bud, the issues like Luxury Tax will rise like a flood.

Steroids…! Competitive balance….! Let’s deal with this crap…It’s time to see the Royals back on the map.

The owners and players, both do I blame. Will you take away the joy, I get from this game?

It’s 4:00 AM and I’m still wide awake, I ponder and hope the our hearts will not break.

I think about the Twins and the fate of their fans, will contraction be a part of Commissioner Bud’s plans?

What a damn waste a strike would cause! Oakland’s 15-game winning streak, would come to a pause.

To think of the pennant races that may never be won, No MVP? This list would go on..

What great stories the season has brought! The Angels and the Twins may land a playoff spot.

So, Donald and Bud, you both need to learn, with a strike right now, we won’t return.

After sleeping two hours, I wake up in joy, a deal has been reached, it’s better than a Christmas toy.

Finally, some closure, and the games will be played, St. Louis at Wrigley, and my painful memories will fade.

Now, I can finally get some damn sleep.

The Fan


1 marty { 08.30.02 at 4:20 pm }

Excellent….Who is the author?

Let me know,


2 Anonymous { 08.30.02 at 5:11 pm }

Hi, Marty:

I’m the author. My name is Eloy and I live in Hayward. I missed a few typos…sorry, but it was fuuny, becuase it was created by my actual experience.

3 marty { 08.30.02 at 5:18 pm }

Excellent work thanks for sending it in.


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