Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Scaling the heights

In my lifetime many sports firsts have occured. The
breaking of the 4 minute mile barrier by Roger Bannister.The 1st perfect game in the World Series by
Don Larsen. The climbing of Mount Everest. Roger Maris breaking the single season record for home runs
with 61. That record was broken by Mark McGwire
and then shattered by Barry Bonds. Rickey Henderson
and Pete Rose broke long standing records. Cal Ripken
breaking Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game streak record.
We are now about to witness Barry Bonds scale
the heights of Mount Olympus. He is 1 home run away
from 700. This baseball feat has been done twice
in all of baseball history. Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.
Bond,in my opinion, will pass the Babe early
next year and may come close to Hank’s record
if they don’t walk him 300 times during the season.
It is just wonderful to watch him do his thing on the baseball field.

Another record is in danger of falling,too. George
Sisler had 257 hits in a single season way back before most of us were born. Today, Ichiro Suzuki
has 231 hits with about 20 games to go. This man
is incredible to watch. Lots of singles,great bat control. He has speed and is a great defensive player.

Good luck to you,Ichiro, as you also scale the heights

Jerry Feitelberg


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