Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

The wild,wild wild card

The addition of the wild card to the divisional races
is a stroke of genius. We all know the 3 divisional winners are going to be in the playoffs but the race for the 4th spot gives fans in all 3 divisions hope that their favorite team has a chance. Right now
3 teams in the AL west are neck and neck in as thrilling a divison race that one could imagine. The A’s win 6 out of 7 and lose a game to the Angels.
The Rangers rally from 2 down to beat the Twins
to stay in the race. Meanwhile in the Al central
Minnesota has a comfortable lead since the White Sox and Indians went on losing streaks. Nonetheless,they still have a remote chance.
Over in the east the Red Sox have about the same record as the A’s. They have to win. They gained some ground on the Yanks but may be too far back to win the division. Over in the NL, The Giants,Padres,Dodgers are in a race that mey go down to the wire. The Dodgers don’t look the same since the big trade and their bullpen may not hold up. Over in the central, the Cards are the class of the division and probably the league as well
but the Cubs are fighting for the 4th spot. Over in
the East it’s going to be Atlanta again. How do they do it? 37 games left and the fans should be piling into the parks. Looks like 7 million people will see
baseball in the LA area and over 5 million fans
will see baseball in the Bay area. How can anyone say baseball is dull and boring?

Jerry Feitelberg


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