Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

no room to let up

The A’s concluded their 3 game series with the White Sox with a big win. The Angels lost again to the rampaging Red Sox and moved 4 games ahead of the halos. The Blue Jays are next for the A’s and they must not be taken lightly. Ken Macha has the guys playing hard but sometimes an inferior opponent can get you if you get sloppy or lose focus. The Jays would love nothing better than to be spoilers and derail the A’s express. The Angels
are off to Cleveland. The Indians have a good young team with big hitters but their pitching is
woeful. The Angels should take a couple of games there but if they don’t and the A’s do well in Toronto
the gap could be 5 games back by Labor Day.
The A’s need to win as they face the red hot Red Sox staring Monday night. The Sox do not play well
on the road but this is a new team since the big trade. They have improved markedly on defense
with Cabrera and Mintk, well you know who I mean.
Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are definite
contenders for MVP. Schilling and Pedro are still
excellent and Lowe has done better since the defense has improved. If you are a sinker pitcher,the boys in the infield have to field the
grounders. Giving teams 4 outs bites you in the
rear end every time. The Red Sox are now on
a mission to catch the hated Yanks. They have picked up 7 games and who knows. They have been waiting since 1978 to get even. Early on, it
was noted that the Yankee starting pitching was suspect and maybe the old arms on the roster
are tired. We are in the home stretch ,folks and
it sure is fun.

Jerry Feitelberg


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