Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Time to regroup

The 3 game sweep by the Red Sox has left The A’s
battered and bruised. The Indians now come in with
some real good young players and a so-so pitching staff. Sabathia and Westbrook can be tough . The A’s now have to dig down deep and find a way to win. They
must win the division or they will miss the playoffs.
The A’s have been and are a team that does not quit.
That is a testament the last 3 managers that have
run the club. They must turn the page and focus
on cleveland then texas.

Jerry Feitelberg


1 Anonymous { 09.09.04 at 2:03 pm }

As hard as it was to sit at the game last night amid the Boston fans, the 9th inning showed that the A’s have a never give up attitude. 2 outs and they still were believing in themselves. A couple of breaks in our favor–and we sure got none during this series–and the Redsox might have gotten a big surprise. There were smiles in the stands as Kotsay and Byrnes still believed. I love the spirit of these 2 guys. I just wish that Chavez could begin to emote the same spirit–maybe it will find him soon. The A’s will never be a team with the big, highly priced guns that a team like the Redsox have. Instead their strength must come from within.

And please start playing Kielty. The spirit has rubbed off on him. I believe he could have a great rest of 2004.

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