Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

View From New York by Charlie, a True Baseball Man


Here’s some NY baseball news for A’s fans who aren’t thrilled by NY baseball, especially the Yankees.

There is much internal dissension between George versus Torre and Zimmer. By the end of April, the Yankees had won the Division, the ALCS and were ready to issue World Series tickets. But bad things began to happen like no hitting, no pitching, poor fielding etc. which alllowed the Red Sox to first catch the Pinstripers and then pull ahead. So Mr. Steinbrenner who, for years, extolled the virtues of Joe began to hound him, blaming him for the sudden demise of the squad. Now “Zim” has joined in knocking George who’s been knocking his pal Joe. It’s a real circus in the Bronx. Furthermore George feels he overpaid for Matsui since the man, who was a Japanese great, ain’t cutting the mustard in Uncle Sammy baseball. Additionally Mr. Giambi was hitting a hot .203 because, as he said, his personal trainer and psychiatrist was fired by George. Now it looks like the shrink will return and hitting coach Rick Down will be fired.

On the other side of the tracks, Art Howe of course can no longer pull his dome hair out so he’s working on his ear and nose hair being frustrated by the fact that a very good manager can’t win pennants with garbage as his daily starting nine. I notice that each picture I see of him day to day, he looks older and what I saw in the NY Post today puts his countenance at 109 and counting. What a shame. In Oakland he’d be going to the playoffs while in Flushing Meadows he’s going to the proctologist because the team with whom he’s associated is one gigantic hemorrhoid.




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