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Welcome, Rick Kaplan

Marty: Great that you brought Rick aboard. I started to insert this in the “comments” section of his article but quickly realized that it would be too lengthy for a simple comment. I agree with his jeremiad respecting the media’s “selective spinning and pontificating” concerning Bonds alleged steroid use. Evidences of cheating throughout the years are legion and well known.

One doesn’t have to look very hard to find an answer to the media’s preoccupation with Bonds. Bonds is simply a very unpleasant character. There is no point in delineating the well known ways in which Bonds has shown his lack of respect for the media. Whether this came before the media displayed their lack of respect for him, or after, is up for grabs. If Bonds was a likeable fellow, something he is unlikely to be given credit for, the attitude of the media might be more kindly.

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In addition, it must be noted that Bonds owns a share of the responsibility for the mutual disdain. Few believe he is telling the truth when he offers explanations for possible steroid use. It isn’t the simple denials of use which elicit contempt, but the far-fetched descriptions of the flaxseed oil with which he was treated, that cause derision.

One further observation respecting Bonds. (I must observe that, having nothing to offer of value on the subject, I have resisted, for three years, pontificating about Bonds and steroids.) Bonds’s lawyers have recently filed a law suit asking for the Superior Court to withhold any money earned by the Chronicle writers from the publication of the book.

This may turn out to have been a very unwise move by counsel. Bonds may be forced into the courtroom as a result. The defense of the suit may justify noticing, under oath, the deposition of Bonds. The defense may take the position that much of the evidence cited in the book became known not through the recital of grand jury testimony but from other sources. For example, his former lady friend, no longer, apparently, a friend, may have been a source for much of the allegations in the book.

This may open up a wide range of questions which must be answered, under oath. The courtroom is not a media conference, nor is it a ball game. One cannot take a pass on the witness stand. One must remain in the batter’s box. The witness is not the one who determines what must be answered, as is the case in the discusion with reporters. The ground rules are determined by the person wearing the black robe

It is unlikely that counsel for Bonds have not given consideration to this. Nevertheless, for one who has had many years of experience trying and hearing cases, it raises inevitable questions.

It will be good to get back to baseball in a couple of weeks, undisturbed by any of the Bonds personal issues.

Having Rick participating on your site has all earmarks of making writing for it even more rewarding and joyous than it has already been. He is a real writer. I am sure one can learn from him. The fact that he was once a Yankee loyalist must be put down to youthful indiscretions.
I, also, come from the Bronx. I clearly had the better upbringing. I was a devoted Giants fan, my entire family were Giant fans. We refused to go to the Yankee Stadium. It would have been similar to violating deeply held religous beliefs.

I feel it incumbent to mention that it doesn’t surprise me that Rick has become an “A’s fanatic”. This is an understandable progression; a Yankee loyalist, an A’s fanatic. It goes hand in glove with welcoming the existence of the designated hitter, a move which has changed the long established, beautiful rhythm of the game.

In any event, in all seriousness, it’s going to be a pleasure having Rick’s undoubted insight.



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Dear Ed,
Please excuse my belatedness. It never occurred to me to use the comment box until this moment, to say thank you very much for the kind, and funny, welcome to Love of the Game. I will look forward to escaping baseball cyberpace in order to meet you one day soon.
Rick Kaplan

2 naturalcool { 05.23.07 at 9:05 pm }

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