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should he or shouldn't he?

There has been much speculation about Mark McGwire’s possible entry into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.
McGwire was Rookie of the Year in 1987 and set a rookie record for most home runs in a season by
a rookie. He played with the A’s until mid 1997 when he was traded to the St. louis Cardinals.
When he left in 1997, McGwire had hit over 300 homers and had been sidelined by a foot injury
that cost him parts of 2 seasons. In addition,the strike in 1994 cost all the players the last 2 months of that season.

McGwire went to St.Louis and went on a tear. He hit over 50 homers in 1997 and then shattered
Roger Maris’ record by hitting 70 homers in 1998. Who could forget the remarkable race for the home run crown by Sammy Sosa and Mark Mcgwire. Those 2 men brought the fans back into the game. After the strike in 1994,many fans swore off baseball completely.McGwire retired 5 years ago
when a cranky knee would no longer allow him to play the game and he ended his career with 583
home runs. Normally, a player with those numbers would be a lock for Cooperstown. However, McGwire may not make it to the hall on the 1st ballott and may not make it all. Why?
His former teammate,Jose Canseco, has made allegations that McGwire used steroids to bulk up.
Steroids were not illegal substances at the time. Rather than put these allegations to rest before a congressional committee, Mcgwire refused to testify and looked like a guilty man doing so.
What was illegal was obtaining prescription drugs without a proper prescription. No team doctor would ever order such substances. Also the trainers would not be silent. They could tell if a player
was getting injections.

No one will ever know the truth. All I can say is that the stalls in the bathroom are too small to
hold two huge men giving each other shots. McGwire has put his baseball life behind him and has
moved on. There is no proof that he ever used steroids other than Canseco’s word. I have not
heard any other teammate come forward and say that they saw such behavior.

It is clear that McGwire used nutritional substances that may have cointained a precursor of an anabolic steroid. However,it was not illegal. McGwire als o worked out in the weight room and
had biceps like Popeye. McGwire is 6’5" tall and relatively thin for a man that size. He had
back problems over the years due to the tremeendous torque placed on his back when he would swing at a pitch.

I do not have a vote for the Hall of Fame,but if I did I would vote for his entry into that august body. I believe that a person is innocent till proven guilty and that the individual has a right
not to testify. Using the 5th ammendment,which he didn’t do, does not presume guilt. The only finger pointing at him is the one belonging to Jose Canseco. I do not believe that there is there
there and that the sportswriters should elect him to the hall.

Jerry Feitelberg


1 marty { 11.29.06 at 8:54 am }

Jerry my feeling is what’s the rush to elect or consider McGwire this year. so much more might come out about steroids and how they affected players such as Mc Gwire, Sosa, Palmiero, and even perhaps Piazza and Pudge Rodriguez that we should all relax and just elect the worthy players who are above suspicion.
The eligibilty period extends for 15 years and I’m ready to wait and learn more.

2 Anonymous { 11.29.06 at 6:22 pm }

your point is well taken. He does not have to go in on the 1st ballot. In normal times, he would be a cinch to make it on the 1st ballot but given that these are not normal times he might have to wait a while.

I also wanted to hear from others what their opinions are on the situation.


3 Anonymous { 11.30.06 at 10:54 pm }

We’re never going to know who took steroids, so it’s hard to take out our anger on McGwire, when he was just one of hundred of players who used it. And yes, look how Piazza’s power dipped around 2000. A few players knew what he was taking in 1997, and it wasn’t a Fred Flinstone vitamin.

Most sluggers during the mid to late 90s probably were using steroids.

McGwire might as well get elected because we’re never going to assemble a puzzle with missing pieces.

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