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Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum at local Fanfest

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame will exhibit again at ATT Park during ther KNBR/Giants Winterfest and also at the McAfee Coliseum in Oakland during A’S Fanfest 2007.
The KNBR/Giants Winterfest will be on Saturday January 20 and the Oakland Athletics 2007 Fanfest will be on Saturday January 27.
Many players from both Bay Area teams will be present,sign autographs and mingle with local baseball fans.

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame founded in San Francisco,California in 1999 is an organization totally dedicated to the recognition of the contributions made to baseball by Hispanic players will join the Giants and the A’S at their respective 2007 Fanfest.

This 2007 year the San Francisco Giants will held their Winterfest ’07 inside ATT Park. With this current Giants team is future Hall of Fame member Omar Vizquel, from Venezuela. Vizquel, who won his 11th Gold Glove in 2006 at the shortstop position is only 2 behind Ozzie Smith who won a record 13 Gold Gloves anchoring shortstops. Other Giants Hispanic players are Pedro Feliz and Jose Guillen from the Dominican Republic, recently signed catcher Benji Molina and young pitcher Jonathan Sanchez from Puerto Rico as well as star reliever Armando Benitez from the Dominican Republic.

The Giants have a long tradition as far as Hispanic talent on the field is concerned. The first ever player from the Dominican Republic,Ozzie Virgil was among those that played for the Giants as well as for the Detroit Tigers and Oakland A’S.Giants in the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame include; Orlando Cepeda,Juan Marichal,Felipe Alou and
Tito Fuentes.

The HHBM was established in 1999 in San Francisco. This institution preserves the history and profound influence that Hispanics players have had on the game of baseball. The mission is also to educate the public Hispanic and non-Hispanics. Ted Williams is one of the Hall of Fame member of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame. Some might ask why Ted Williams ? Teddy Ballgame’s mother Maria Hernandez-Benzor was born in Ciudad Juarez,Mexico hence Mr.Williams was of Hispanic Heritage.

This community grass roots organization is working towards the goal of exhibiting during the 2007 MLB All Star Week in San Francisco this July and also towards it’s first permanent location. During the past few years the museum has traveled to many cities in the United States and inducted dozens of Hispanic players. Since Mr Gabriel(Tito)Avila Jr, Founder and CEO of the Museum met with current Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud H. Selig prior to the first ever game at then Pac Bell Park in 2000(today ATT Park)its has moved ahead traveling and exhibiting in various Major and Minor League parks as well as Libraries,County and State Fair, Parades and other public events.

The HHBM recently inducted Dagoberto Blanco(Campy)Campaneris, ex-Oakland A’S shortstop to its Hall of Fame. Campy, who was born in Cuba and currently resides in Arizona is one of the most popular players in Oakland A’S history and the catalyst for the A’S three consecutve World Series titles in 1972-1973 and 1974. Cuban-born hurler Diego Segui, who pitch for the A’S in 1962 while they were the Kansas City Athletics(prior to moving to Oakland in 1968)is also in the HHBM Hall of Fame.
Among current Hispanics with the A’S are Mexican-born veteran pitcher Esteban Loaiza. One of Loaiza’s heroes is Fernando Valenzuela who is also in the HHBM Hall of Fame.

These next two weekends in the Bay Area will generate a lot of excitement for all baseball fans only a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Scottsdale and Phoenix for Spring Training ’07.

The HHBM welcomes all those that come by to our displays at ATT and at McAfee this month. It is our pleasure to bring together all fans Hispanics an non-Hispanics through our National Passtime exhibiting the great history of the game.

For more information on Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame please visit this site:
(The Museum is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization)

Que Viva el Beisbol !


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