Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Go ahead laugh at Fremont

A deal that involved the Oakland Athletics
moving to Fremont was made in
San José, by the Commissioner of
baseball, Cisco representatives and
the owners of the Oakland A’s.

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezReaction by Oakland A’S fans is very emotional
yet they have not been filling up the Oakland
Coliseum during the past few years. It is an
old facility, not luxury box friendly. How can
you blame the owner of the A’S for moving
south ?

The truth is that since the Oakland Athletics started
playing in Oakland in 1968 they always had trouble drawing. Even in the years when they won
3 consecutive World Series in 1972,73 and 74 they could not even sell out for the Playoff games.
And those were the best teams ever in the history
of the Oakland A’S.

It should not be a surprise for anybody that the
Oakland Coliseum has become "not a fun place"
for baseball, specially after that monster of cement was built in center field aka Mount Davis.

Why should the A’S play in an old stadium ? In the heart of high technology were the Giants and Sharks have great facilities, why should the A’S
be the black sheep of the family. Mayor Jerry
Brown, Mayor Ron Dellums are not really baseball fans, how about sports fans ? Oakland is looking
the ‘other way’ and in a way politicos in Oakland
(not all)are in a way satisfied that the A’S are
going to stay in Alameda County.

Why should anybody be surprised that the A’s
are coming to Fremont ? Is there anyplace in
the City of Oakland were you have over 100 acres
of land available ?

Baseball is a business, Mr Wolff is not in business
to please the fans, he is there to make money and
win a title,this is the world we are living in and to
blame him for moving the team south is to go
against the principles of business, free enterprise
and living in a capitalistic and free country.

There is enough blame in Oakland. You can blame
City Hall, you can blame the lack of fan support, but you cannot blame the owners of the team for looking for a better home to do business, that would be insane. The same thing with San Francisco after 10 years of negotiating with the
49ers with the hope of rebuilding Candlestick Park
which would have brought the 2016 Olimpics to San Francisco, the politicos there are saying they
were "surprised"by the owner of the 49ers to
announce a move to Santa Clara. What is owner
York to do, keep playing in that dump of Candlestick Park, the worse NFL stadium without a doubt.

It never ceases to amaze me about the arrogance
of some of these elected officials who in many cases make statements and try to influence world politics and yet are not able to fix potholes in the
streets of the cities they were elected. In San Francisco they had a Proposition to impeach the
President of the United States, yet they can even
keep their local team in town ? What a joke.

Everybody that supports the Oakland A’S should
be happy that they are not moving to Portland or
Las Vegas or even Sacramento. Look at the
positive side of things, the A’S are still in Alameda

It would be interesting because most of the new
generation of baseball parks are build in downtowns areas, around the city. Cisco Field
will be in the same category as The Ballpark at
Arlington, which is half way between Fort Worth
and Dallas. Home of the Texas Rangers.

To my friends in Oakland I want to leave you with
a famous Spanish saying that my father(who was
born in Barcelona,Spain)used to tell me all the time in Cuba when I as a kid:
"al mal tiempo buena cara"
It translates something like this:
"in bad times, put a good face"
Look for the positive, we are living in a very
negative world, look at the good side of things,
the world belongs to the optimist !
Enjoy the A’S, take BART.

Just like the morning television Soap Operas this
to be continued…


1 Anonymous { 11.23.06 at 12:15 am }


this move gives the A’s primary access to the San Jose market, as well as basic MLB architecture for contemporary stadium design — my only question is why is the facility designed so small –it would appear that 45000 should be the desired paid attendance, because baseball as we know it in this country depends on that kind of sustained presence

having said the above –will these still be the Oakland A’s? does the name still work?

2 Anonymous { 11.24.06 at 10:32 pm }

They want a smaller than 45,000 capacity field in Fremont.
The name, Oakland,Fremont,San Jose, Sillicon Valley A’S could
be negotiated.

3 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

4 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:50 pm }

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