Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

With or without Bonds, next year's Giant needs remain constant.

Marty; Despite being in the worst division in baseball, the Giants are kidding themselves and others if they insist they are in contention for a playoff spot this year. This is a team with weaknesses up and down the lineup but one need go no further than the pitching rotation to highlight their problems.

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There are only two pitchers on the 25 man roster, a roster which changes weekly as they bring up and send down pitchers from Fresno, who, if one is realistic, should be in the rotation next April. namely Schmidt and Lowry. Lowry is not an undeniable choice but has shown enough, on a fairly regular basis , to justify his inclusion.

The team needs to retain Schmidt despite overtures from pennant contenders. It’s tough to find a number one pitcher and Schmidt has filled that role in the past. This year he has not pitched up to his most sterling performances of the past but still remains the best hope for a strong face at the top of the rotation.

Sabean has to find three starters for 2006, starters who can go more than five innings, who can pitch into the late innings and keep the team in contention. Tomko doesn’t fill that need. If the Giants can get a young prospect in exchange for him before the end of this month they should grab the chance.

Hennessey’s remarks after yesterday’s debacle are eye-opening. “I felt healthy and strong. I just wasn’t making good pitches. And when I did make good pitches, they still went out of the park.” It would have been more encouraging had he said that he felt sick and weak, that the pitches the opposition was hitting into the bay weren’t “good pitches.” In such event, one might hold out some hope for the future. If that was the best he could do, Fresno, here I come.

The Giants trotted Rueter out again yesterday in relief of Hennessey. If they are showcasing him for a possible trade to a contender, they must be bitterly disappointed. He threw three and a third innings, gave up eight hits, three walks, seven earned runs and saw his ERA surge to 5.73. This is not a major league pitcher. One way or another, get rid of him.

The pitching is only the beginning of Sabean’s problem. Leaving Bonds aside for the moment, there are only three positions which are a lock for next year, shortstop, catcher and Alou in the outfield. If they are counting on Niekro at first base, they better teach him how to hit right handed pitching. Durham has proven, once again, that when healthy, he can hit. They shouldn’t be too anxious to see him elsewhere.



1 Anonymous { 07.26.05 at 1:22 am }


Last April when camp broke the Giants organization was speaking confidently – the on field talent seemed adequate even with Bonds out. But something is wrong with the whole mood of the team, all the screw ups, all the games given away, all the roster changes — the players are so uptight their athletic skills are choked

the real question is why? where is this coming from within the Giants organization?

Just look at the A’s — they are committed to developing every single player, even knowing that when eligible for large contracts they will leave —watch the A’s players on the field –they are talking to each other, are probably friends with each other, are pulling for each other — the A’s are a team, it is wonderful to go to their games

the Giants were this way when Roger Craig was in the dugout — they promoted their own players, surrounded them with the right mix of veterans — do you remember that July 4th Candlestick Saturday night, Krukow two hit CG the Cardinals 1-0 ( on a Randy Kutcher HR ) and when the last out was made they were sprinting to each other at 2B — the whole stadium screaming for them………in those days it was TEAM BASEBALL that carried the team…..maybe now its too much about marketing, the stadium imaging, the constant historical stuff –the team is put together as a collection of auxiliary parts surrounding an image more than as a real 25 man balanced group

as for next year who knows if Barry can play NL ball, he will have to field his position, and all the BBs have to be exhausting — but can you imagine the team the A’s will have next year? do you realize how many blue chippers they have in their system, all the way down to this year’s draft?

come to the Coliseum, check it out, it is real baseball with no gimmicks — the next two months look to be terrific. and maybe the Raiders will be sharing the stadium again in October

what exactly do the next two months promise for SF? and why did this have to happen?

2 Anonymous { 07.26.05 at 6:07 pm }

The next two months undeniably promise more of the same. Why did this have to happen? There was nothing inevitable about it. It happened because of managements shortsightedness. Management is disrespectful of the SF fans. It apparently believes that we will only go out to the ball park if the team is fighting for a place in the World Series. It overlooks the fact that for many of us, probably most of us, we go to the park anticipating watching the great old game played by interesting players, who play with enthusiasm and a certain sense of joy while playing a child’s game. It brings back to many of us the days when we played the game, not at the level of these players, of course, but for the everyday pleasure of hitting, pitching and fielding. It is one reason so many of us scorn the DL. What epitomizes the Giants today, more than anything else, is their elevation of Bonds to an icon entitled to special privileges. How many of us are tired of watching the continual playing of Bonds home runs in past years at every broadcast? Bonds taking over the major portion of the squad room to the displacement of other players? Frankly, the best thing that could happen today for the well being of this club would be the banishment of Bonds to the league which allows a player, with no skills other than the ability to hit, to play a leading role. This is not the game we grew up with. The owners should understand that building a franchise with young up and coming players is, in itself, worthy of a true fan’s appreciation– even if the team is not yet in first place. The A’s or Florida or St.Louis are worthy of emulation. This may be too much to hope for. However, if the same old ways are pursued this team is going to be in the doldrums for longer than the owners will enjoy. They will then see the park empty despite the fact that it is a very pleasant place to watch a game. The owners deserve credit for building the park on their own. Now, build a ball club which we can enjoy watching.

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