Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

So what if they took steroids ?

Let’s stop this hypocrisy and come to the conclusion that these players are adults and
if they took steroids most people could care
less. Baseball is part of the entertainment
world and the average family/household
in this country has much more important
issues than to worry if one of their favorite
players took steroids.

By Amaury Pi-GonzalezI believe that the best way to be is to be straight-forward in your approach to life, you did something
you admit it. You love somebody you tell that person regardless of the consecuences.
You took steroids,you took steroids you
should admit it,if you consider yourself a man.
If you are true to yourself and you speak from
the heart you will always be a happy person.

Many dislike Jose Canseco but he came forward, he said it wrote his book and moved on.
Canseco wanted to make money ?
so what, this is America people write books to make money on many topics.
Have you been to Barnes & Nobles recently ?
There are 500 books on diets, do they all work?
To date, I have lost 32 lbs, just with
plain common sense, working out almost
2 hours a day and watching what I
eat. I didn’t have to buy the South Beach Diet,
Dr Atkins or Doctor Strangelove. Most of
these diets are nonsense, but the “nutrition
business”is big business. But we do not want
to admit it and these books sell like hot Parisian
bread coming from the oven. Because we
have to be told what to do to loose weight.
We are brain dead and cannot figure it out ?
But is OK everything was solved when
McDonald’s marketed their “New Fruit and
Walnut Salad” before you have the superzied
burger and fries.

The office of the Commissioner
has a problem with the steroids issue because first of all they had no vision,no leadership and
no guts. The Office of the Commissioner
serves the owners and they knew some
players were on the juice. The players union
also knew. To say otherwise is wanting to be living
in Neverland with the King of Pop who really
doesn’t know if he is white black,green or

Baseball owners did not say a thing
as long as players were hitting home runs and
ESPN was praising those home runs on
Sportscenter and Baseball Tonite with all that
crap that “chicks dig the long ball”. The seats
were full and they were counting money.

If we are going to blame the players,let’s also
blame the way we act in our society. our whole
system of values. Why should I be upset about
players taking steroids ? First of all it was not
ruled to be illegal by Major League Baseball,
second Major League Baseball saw this coming
but they ‘looked the other way’like a bunch
of cowards.

As I write this column in my favorite Starbucks
at Alki Beach(West Seattle)I just took a survey
of some of the people here, some that are baseball
fans and 99.9% of them tell me that this steroids
“scandal”is ‘much to do about nothin’. They seemed
to be more worried in the Mariners underachieving
during this current season and how can a team
spend $114 million in the winter and still
be a loosing team. Can you blame some fans
from coming in to get their Bobbleheads and
then going home, not even walking in the
park to watch the game, just showing up to get
their giveaways?

The biggest joke is to have the US Government
involved in this. We can’t fix our roads, our
infrastructure (basically built in the 50’s)is
collapsing, we have no money for police departments,schools and libraries are
closing and we want the US Government to
investigate the steroids scandal ? Por favor,
-please- give me a freaking break !

My honesty usually gets me in trouble, but my
mind is clear and I have no guilt because If I
stick to the truth and say what I feel my soul
is clean. Without getting very dogmatic here
“whomever is free of sin, let him/her throw
the first stone”. White Sox manager Ozzie
Guillen says what he feels and sometimes it
gets him in trouble, but do you think the owners
of the Chisox are going to tell him anything ?
Sure, look at the White Sox this year, they have
the best record in baseball, do you think the
owners care about Guillen’s big mouth ? However,
if the White Sox were in last place then
Guillen’s big mouth would probably get him fired.

Barry Bonds might comeback later this season,
some want him to retire. Some others just do not
want to see Bonds catching up with Hank Aaron
and becoming the home run king. We might never
know If Bonds took steroids but I am not loosing
any sleep over it. My plane out of Sea-Tac and into Oakland on my last homestand here in Seattle
had a mechanical problem and was almost
cancelled, we were the last flight to land in
Oakland, that worries me, the steroids nah…
A few days ago I almost “bought the farm”when
some nut with a pick-up truck came within
inches of hitting my rental car and problaby
killing me. That worries me. My good friend
J.P Villaman who did the Spanish play by play
for the Boston Red Sox killed himself in an
auto accident last week when he was driving
from New York to his home in Boston after he
worked the game. He leaves a wife and kids,
that worries me.

As a society we must take responsibility. I believe
that there is always a reason for things that happen
in our lives. Complaining and crying like a baby is
not going to fix a thing. If men are from Mars
and women are from the Moon we still have to
live in the same solar system ! There are things
that frustrate us, like when you worry about
somebody else but that person seems to dismiss
you or when you do something good for somebody
else but you feel that still was not enough.
That stuff crushed me.

Maybe as a Latino I am a passionate and emotional
person, but what good is life without passion without
emotion ? I remember working with a man
(he is retired)from Nicaragua during some of
my earlier baseball broadcast. Once Tony Phillips
of the A’S hit an inside the park homerun in
Oakland he almost fell from the booth, his
passion was such for the game and for the
moment that he could not contain himself.
Later I learned(from his wife)he was taking
blood presure medication and he recently
had a mini stroke in Nicaragua. This man
told me once: “if you have no passion to
broadcast the game then you are in the
wrong profession” and I believe that very much
to this day.

I feel strongly that the steroids”scandal”is created by all of us in our society with our faults our
hypocresy (that at times is evident)and because
sometimes we do not want to look first in the
mirror before we throw the stone at somebody’s

I have to go now and head for Safeco Field were
the Mariners are taking Lou Piniella and his
Tampa Bay Devil Rays on the second game of
a three game set. I worry that I might not see
the sun today and it is a little cold here, but
hey I was born in Cuba and raised in South
Beach, Miami Beach (when It was not a Party Zone)
so anything for me under 60 is c-o-l-d. But my hot Latin blood makes up for it !

Adios Muchachos !
I want to thank the San Francisco Giants and
specially owner Peter Magowan and Mario
Alioto Senior VP of Marketing for donating
the proceeds of almost $25,000 to The Hispanic
Heritage Baseball Museum. This was from the
silent auction on the autographed “Gigantes”
jerseys the Giants players wore when they
played the Oakland Athletics during the
weekend of May 20,21,22 at SBC Park.


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