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Giants corner market on Alou's

“Me gustaria jugar para mi
papá otra vez”
(I would like to play for my
dad again) were the
words from Moisés Alou
who will be reunited
with his father in
San Francisco next year.

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezThe Dodgers were offering
a couple of million dollars
more and so the Mets and the
Astros. But Moisés Alou
decided he wanted to
play with his dad again
(last time was in Montreal
from 1992 until 1996).

“Moisés nació para jugar
el jardín derecho”
(Moisés was born to
play right field).
Were Felipe’s word
right after the Giants
announced the signing
for around $13.2 million
and 2-years.

It is ironic that in the
Giants two of the
three parks since
they moved to San
Francisco from New York
has been some of the
toughest right fields
in all of baseball.
I remember when
Dusty Baker mentioned
that in his opinion the
best two people that
played right field for
the Giants were:
Willie McGee and
José Cruz. McGee of
course at Candlestick
and Cruz won a Gold

MoiséS Alou has very nice
numbers at SBC Park.
He has a .321 average
with 4 Home Runs
16 runs batted in and
done well with the
leather, although in
the recent past he
has played left field
but only in his dreams
he could play left in
SBC because that is
ownership of Mr.Bonds.

So the Giants have
a legitimate .300 hitter
with power to protect
Barry Bonds in 2005
and like Ed Stern mentions
they have gotten player
in positions they needed
it. i.e. Omar Vizquel
at shortstop,Mike Matheny
at catcher and Armando
Benítez as the closer.

Moisés Alou finished
2004 with the Chicago
Cubs with a .293 average
39 Home Runs and
106 runs batted in.

The Giants have corner
the market on Alou’s.
Felipe played for the
Giants from 1958 until
1963, Mateo Alou played
for the orange and black
from 1960 to 1965
and Jesús Alou from
1963 until 1968 and
for course they have
one of the records that
might never be broken,
all three played in the
outfield at the same time
with the Giants.

A fellow announer told
me today: “This could
cause a problem with
Felipe, now his son and
also Barry Bonds on the
same team” and more
“Felipe might not be
able to please both
egos onn the field”
I disagree with my
good friend and announcer
( I will not mention his
name). I do not think
that people of the
experience of Bonds
and Alou two great
professionals will have
a problem playing

In the good old tradition
of the Giants they also
keep adding Latino
ballplayers. Of the
four Free Agents
they signed, three
are Latinos and they
are all of the “proven

Sabean might still
have another move
under his sleeve.

But I have to agree
that the hiring of
Moisés Alou is nothing
but a positive for the
Giants. Moisés has
been injury prone
during his career
but the last couple
of seasons he has
played the bulk of
the games and he
has produced both
offensively and
Good move by the


1 Anonymous { 12.24.04 at 4:08 pm }

Now they could use another starter.

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