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the steroid scandal by Jerry Feitelberg

I just watched the 20/20 program about the use of steroids. What bothered me was the attitude that because other athletes were cheating, it was okay
for everyone to use illegal substances to gain an edge. Victor Conte was doing wrong and he knew it. He did not care one iota about the effects that the steroids or growth hormone would have on the
athletes. As a pharmacist, I can tell you that there is a place for the proper use of certain legal steroids and administered by a physician. I cannot believe that the medical staff or the trainers for the A’s,Giants or any sports team would ever approve or condone the use of drugs that were not for an
appropriate medical purpose.

Click below for more from Jerry!Conte is not a physician nor is Greg Anderson or the other 2 people who are involved with obtaining
and distributing illegal substances. This is serous matter and felonies may have been committed.
The trials will deal with their guilt or innocence.

As for the players. I am hoping for a full recovery to health for Jason Giambi. Many of us remember the case of Lyle Alzado. Alzado used steroids and paid the price by losing his life. Giambi may be dropped by the Yankees but he will catch on somewhere else. What bothers me is why these guys think that they are invincible or that they won’t get caught. Giambi may or may not have his performance enhanced. The drugs certainly didn’t
help his brother. you still have to see the ball, hit the ball and drive the ball. A few years ago when
Ruben Sierra was with the A’s, he bulked up and guess what ? He couldn’t get around fast enough
to hit the ball and floundered for a long time but now has slimmed down and has revived his career

Now we come to Barry Bonds. I just don’t know what to believe in this case. Here is a guy that
doesn’t do alcohol because he saw the effects that
booze had on his dad and other players. He is ,reportedly, very careful about what he eats.
So now he says that he used the cream and the clear given to him by his “friend” Greg Anderson
without question. He says that Anderson told him it was flaxseed oil. I have a hard time believing his explanation but at the same time I am willing to give Bonds the benefit of the doubt. As for the bulking up that occured. The news media has shown pictures of Bonds when he was about 23 or 24 years old and pictures of a 40 year old man who is much heavier. I would like to remind people
that most of us who are 40 or over cannot fit into the clothes that we wore when we were in our 20’s.
All clubs have weight rooms and many players
have bulked up from lifting weights. Also in Bonds’
case he gets around on the ball faster than any hitter at his age than anyone I have ever seen.
Did he really know what he was taking? He told the grand Jury that he had no idea. If he lied,it’s perjury and he could be sent to the pokey. I
read Lowell Cohn’s column in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Cohn’s position is quite clear. Bonds
lied. I hope that Cohn is wrong.

Baseball must come to grips with players using
illegal substances. Steve Howe was busted 7 times for cocaine use before anyone suspended him.
Illegal drug use is a societal problem whethet it’s
from illegal steroids, cocaine, abuse of painkillers,
methamphetamine or whatever. The owners will
adopt a rational position when they can no longer
get insurance to cover the multi million dollar contracts or if a player should die. The Players Association has to work with the owners to reslove these issues. Shoeless Joe Jackson was banished for baseball not for cheating. He performed at peak level in the 1919 world series. He got banished because he knew about the plot and didn’t come forward.

This scandal should not be about baseball. We should be enjoying the last season and the great playoffs and discussing the upcoming season.
Baseball will survive but changes have to be made
to protect the players from unscrupulous people
and to protect their health.

Jerry Feitelberg


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