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Allright, the BALCO Labs
story is hitting the fan
and everybody has
an attorney now.
But after all, these
are grown up athletes
(nobody under 21 here)
and if steroids was
not illegal what
wrong did they do ?

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezA recent survey said
that over 80 percent
of people are not
surprised that
Barry Bonds
(although he says
he didn’t know what
it was)used Performance
Enhacing Drugs, aka

The problem with Major
League Baseball is a
tremendous lack of
leadership that
comes directly
from the Commissioners
Office and Mr Bud Selig
at Park Avenue in
New York City.

The Commissioner
just said that he
“will leave no stone
unturned” about time !
It reminds me of
the old saying
“how many times
did you beat your wife?”

So many were making
fun of José Canseco when
a couple of years ago
said that steroids
use is very very
common, like
50% of Major League
Baseball players. Is anybody
making fun at José today?
His -tell all book-is soon
to come out. Knowing
José a little,I think
it will be quite a book.
At least José had
the cojones of saying
what he knows is
the truth.

In a way it so ridicolous
for all these first class
athletes to negate that
they were taking a
foreign substance
they well knew what
is was.

Marion Jones, the great
track star back in June
at a San Francisco
news conference said:
“I have never,ever used
drugs”, yes… and Hitler
should have won the
Nobel Peace Prize !

Baseball players like
Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield,
Benito Santiago and
Marvin Benard
testified in court as
well as others in the
world of Sports.

Victor Conte the man
under investigation and
in charge of Burlingame’s
BALCO Laboratories said
about the scandal:
“It’s not cheating if
everybody is doing it”
Funny. That is the
same thing I told the
police officer who
stopped me for
speeding, I told
him everybody
was doing 85 ! I
still had to pay the ticket.
I was the one caught.
So, why not legalize
steroids, let everybody
use it. Unless you are
a 19 year old player
and If you cannot drink
then you cannot buy
steroids. Conte went
on ABC 20/20 and
the scandal is super
hot right now.
Bonds attorney
accuses the government
for leaking investigation
details and everybody
is blaming everybody
else. Welcome to
America 2004 !
Soon the Republicans
and Democrats might
go at it and Michael Moore
and Oliver Stone with
field scripts of conspiracy
for a new “thriller”.
Balco’s Bonds Giambinos?

OK, so I am cynical.
But what else can I
tell you. Mr Barry
Bonds is one of the
greatest hitters of
all time a .300 lifetime
average with 704 Home
runs prior to the 2005
season, thousands of
walks and 7 MVP, If that
is not one of the best
players ever then I
have not seen the light
of day yet. Bonds will
be in the Hall of Fame
with or without an
asterisk. Bonds is a
very smart person,
and it is impossible
for me to believe he
didn’t know what
he was taking.

Maybe Baseball
Executives do not have
the guts to denounce
him, but (like I said it
before)look who baseball’s
Commissioner is, this is
a man that ended an
GAME in a tie !
It all started when Joe
Torre bought his first
car in Milwaukee as
a young player in 1960
that first car Joe Torre
bought it from
a 20-something
car salesman in
Milwaukee, his name
was Bud Selig.

Barry said he used
“the cream and the
clear”but it was given
to him by his trainer
Greg Anderson and
he (Bonds)didn’t know
it was steroids. Of course,
remeber the great
movie Casablanca?
What, gambling at
Ricks Americain Casino ?

Nobody is fooling anybody
here. It is too bad that
Baseball cannot have
a Comissioner like
Sandy Alderson a man
of great leadership
and integrity that for
sure would straighten
this mess for good and
set some boundaries
and be clear about,
None of these after
5 steroids test if
you are found guilty
then we will slap you
with $40,000 fine.
What is $40,000 for
the average Major
League player ?

Outside SBC Park local
radio and television
stations taking polls
found out quickly
that fans support
Barry Bonds. A lot of
fans do not care If he
used steroids, they paid
good money to see him
destroy the ball and hit
it in the water.

I said: either legalize
steroid use in Major
League Baseball
(not minor league)
or set some strick
rules. This was bound
to happen because
when a Sport lacks
leadership at the
top it is only
comon sense that
stuff like this
can surface.

The Players Union
has ran the show
for the past decade
or so and they are
also(of course)
protecting Bonds
and the player rights,
but they also share
blame here this is
not only management’s

I like to hear the comments
of the very smart people
that visit this site, you
don’t have to agree
with me. Maybe I went
too far in saying that
they should legalize
steroids, as far as I
know I am a law abiding
citizen(except for a ticket
or two)and I like to live
in a country where there
is the rule of law.


1 Anonymous { 12.04.04 at 11:33 am }

Why not legalize them? Then MLB can finally reach the heights, fan interest, viewer ship, and creditability of the WWE.

Rather than respond with additional useless sarcasm on your ridiculous proposal I offer my opinion on steriods and Mr. Bonds.

I’ve been listening to many views on this subject for the last year now. I have two that I haven’t heard discussed yet.
I hear people say that steroids were responsible for Bond’s added strength and gave greater distance to his homers, especially to the opposite field, thereby increasing those numbers but had little effect to his other offensive stats. They claim that his quick hands, great eye, and discipline at the plate weren’t enhanced by these drugs and he still deserves the accolades for being one of the game’s best hitters if not the best of all time. Credit shouldn’t be removed from him for a batting average that hovers around .350 as well as a phenomenal on base percentage that equates him reaching over half the times he steps up to the plate. I say every eye popping stat he produces is tainted.

I know little about steroids. But I know something about drugs. And I know all of them effect you in every way, not just physically. Any amphetamine for instance will not only rev up your heart rate but increase your awareness and make you more alert. They give you a euphoric feeling of confidence and positive thought. They make you motivated to be productive and work harder. All of these things help feed each other to give you a sense of indestructibility and power of mind and body. In other words the energy they give you not only effects your blood pressure, breathing and strength but effects your physce. My question is, if amphetamines can distort your body and mind in such a wide range of ways than why should I be so naïve to believe that steroids only assisted Bonds of hitting a baseball another few feet further?

How can I take any of his accomplishments serious when I look at his career stats and notice when he was a skinny Pirate he struggled to hit .250 and 20 homers in a season. How is it possible ALL his offensive numbers, (except stolen bases), have increased in relation to his hat size? I suppose a portion of this can be explained with his maturation as a ballplayer but only a small amount.

Hank Aaron played two inches shorter, at least 50 pounds lighter, in a era of higher mounds and more dominant pitching. He didn’t have the state of the art tools and modern training technology Bonds has the luxury of. Aaron didn’t have the security blanket of wearing body amour when he stepped to the plate to face head hunters like Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale. For all I know Aaron couldn’t train in his off season and probably had to work a part time job to make ends meet in his pre-free agency career. Bonds complains about the distractions he must endure with a press hounding him about steroids and a public for autographs. Aaron played in a generation of racial bigotry and the distraction of death threats.

I could go on and on about this but you get my point. One ball player comes out of this with the stench of a self serving leech on the system the other ball player built for him with class and dignity. There is no comparison between the two. And no matter what Bonds accomplishes this year and beyond his numbers and character will always be tainted for me.

Vegas Vic

2 Anonymous { 12.04.04 at 3:51 pm }

Bonds will alwayw be tainted, but be live in
the country that consumes more drugs
than anybody else in the world, prescription
or non-prescription.

3 Anonymous { 05.24.05 at 1:33 pm }

I believe steroids just like anything else the govt. can get greedy enough and tax will be just like alcohol. I think that is ok though. I feel once you have turned eighteen you know what you want to do with your body. America preaches to the public about overweight and poor health, but when someone wants to use steroids to beautify themselves they go to jail. (unless your an athlete)
Some idiots state that steroids are bad for you, well hello genius so is tylenol that is why you take it in moderation. Leave people be keep your business your business. If someone wants to get bigger and stronger and wants help don’t worry about it. I think most of it has to do with people who are to lazy to do anything and just want something to bitch about.

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