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Fixing the A's

Don’t be fooled by the recent struggles of Chad Bradford and Ricardo Rincon into thinking the A’s primary need is bullpen help. They could use another arm to replace Mike Neu (who can’t really be effective until he adds a pitch to go with his awesome changeup), but otherwise their pitching is fine. Bradford had a bad run of games against Texas, but look at his numbers. He’s been steady for three seasons now. He’ll be fine. Mecir is also doing fine — as long as he can stay healthy.

What the A’s really need is a right-handed bat who can play outfield or second base. I think Rondell White would be a good addition with a salary that’s not too out of hand. Plus, the A’s might be able to get the Padres to pay his salary if they throw in a good prospect (like Justin Duchscherer).

Don’t count the A’s out of the Carlos Beltran Chase either. The Royals need a second baseman who can play in the big leagues now, and Esteban German might be the guy.

As for bullpen help, the A’s ought to give Jeremy Fikac another shot. He’s had great numbers at AAA since they sent him down.


1 marty { 06.30.03 at 12:01 pm }

Let me say Rondell White would be a great addition to the outfield. If Dye is healthy adding White to Byrnes and the others out the would strengthen the team. I absoulutely think BB will get another arm for the pen. Mecir will be lucky to hold up for 162 games, Bradford has a history of fading in August. If another reliable major league arm was brought in to the pen, then you could ease Bradford and Mecir into sixth and seventh inning roles. I suggested Paul Shuey yesterday, I’ll stick with someone of his caliber. Carlos Beltran would be terrific, but with the A’s history of fleecing the Royals I think the cost this time would be substantial, not thay they wouldn’t do it, but get ready for some top young names to go. I think the A’s saw enough of Jeremy Fikac last time to make them wary of his eighth inning potential.



2 Anonymous { 06.30.03 at 12:27 pm }

I like Juan Gone for the stretch. It wouldn’t cost the A’s much and he will go at the end of the season but it will help a lot

3 marty { 06.30.03 at 1:11 pm }

Juan Gone absolutely works for me too.


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5 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:51 pm }

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