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Wednesday Is The Day Things Happen at The Winter Meetings

History tells us that things at the winter meetings usually heat up on the next to last day.

Forget big trades, they are a thing of the past. The winter meetings are now solely the time for the agents and their clients to corner the baseball world in a small space such as the lobby or bar of the hotel housing the meetings and make their deals.

Wednesday should see Mike Piazza become an Athletic. Can’t see Piazza going from LA to NY and then to Texas to end his career. Oakland and the Bay Area area are better fit. Piazza isn’t the hitter Frank Thomas is so the A’s should beware of a two year deal.

At the trade deadline last year I suggested the A’s trade Joe Blanton and Mark Ellis for Lastings Milledge, Mike Pelfrey, and Aaron Heilman.

Mets fans screamed "Absurd".

Now it looks like some part of that deal might happen with pitcher John Maine possibly replacing Heilman since the Mets are desperate for middle relief.

I like the potential move because Nick Swisher should stay at 1B and not be moved back to the outfield. Milledge and Milton Bradley would make things pretty lively in the clubhouse.

Click below for more!The Cubs want Ted Lilly and will over spend to get it done.

Jason Schmidt seems like a Dodger to me.

Zito in Texas? Go to Piazza and the same reasons apply. Zito needs Rick Peterson and he knows it.

Gil Meche looks like a Blue Jay.

Eric Gagne could be a Red Sox closer. Boston is taking every Boras client hoping he will show mercy on them when the final Matsuzaka numbers are exchanged.

Jay Payton should go to Texas along with Kenny Lofton.

Jacques Jones will be traded shortly by the Cubs.

Seattle won’t do much even though Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre’s salaries are no longer scary for future employers. Cubs went out and spent every penny they had for new players, Seattle, a team in a similar boat, is sitting back doing nothing which will eventually cost the GM and the manager their jobs.

Are the Yankees really sitting back and not bidding on Zito?

Angels can’t give Chone Figgins away. They should call the White Sox.

If Zito doesn’t go to Texas then the Rangers will make a deal with the White Sox for Javier Vazquez.

Mark Mulder: Arizona seems like the best fit. He lives there and the weather is conducive for his rehab.

Love to see Texas sign Zito, trade for Tim Hudson, and then sign Mulder.

Miguel Batista can help some one. Mets shouldn’t let him pass.

Things should happen today.

They always do on Wednesday.


1 Anonymous { 12.06.06 at 8:22 pm }

the Big Three in Texas? How perverse!! I like it.

fun column, Marty!

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