Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

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Thanks to Alma for rescuing the site once again from the hackers. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would take the time to hack into the site and effectively disrupt the flow of information. But this is the world we live in today and the lack of respect is disappointing. So we can’t post any audio and the stories look funny. We are in the process of changing things around so please bear with us. When these disruptions occur the server has no choice but to take us off line. In the meantime the A’s have a new manager. No big surprise here. More importantly the team needs a new DH. Frank Thomas was going to test the market. That was obvious once he didn’t accept the two year offer extended in October. Names bandied about: Moises Alou, Preston Wilson, Barry Bonds. No way Bonds comes to Oakland. The Giants can’t let it happen and Bonds will get his money from SF. Don’t expect to see Willie Mays hanging around the A’s clubhouse. More than likely the A’s will send Nick Swisher back to the outfield and give Dan Johnson a shot at first base. I still think Kotsay and Loaiza should be shopped for a younger hitter. Tony DeFrancesco should be promoted from Sacramento to the A’s coaching staff. Minor league hitting instructor Greg Sparks should get the job as hitting coach. The Red Sox will sign Matsuzaka and have an excellent rotation if Jonathan Papaelbon is healthy. The Arizona Fall League should be on your travel calendar. Great weather good baseball and small crowds. Phoenix won the title again today beating some Ranger, Oriole, Pirate, and Rockie farmhands 6-2. Zito will end up in NY with Rick Peterson. Jason Schmidt most likely in Seattle. Ted Lilly could sign with the Yankees. The Cubs made good moves with Ramirez and DeRosa. Padilla has a market and will get a good contract. Angels are desperate for a hitter and more than likely will have to make a trade because Soriano looks like a good bet to go somewhere else. White Sox want to trade Freddy Garcia. Yanks are interested and don’t need Melky Cabrera. Big disappointment with the website. It’s even hard to write this article because the spacing isn’t working at all while I type. So enjoy the day and I’ll write more once we figure out how to proceed. By the way if you know a web programmer who really knows his or her stuff I’m interested because we need someone to help us figure out how to get the site back to full speed.Thanks,Marty


1 Anonymous { 11.22.06 at 12:49 pm }

Hey Marty,

Glad this site is back, I have miss it. Although, I have problems logging into my account, but at least I can comment. Back to baseball, the whole Bonds to the A’S seem to be a show, SF needs Barry for ticket sales. Jason Schmidt in Seattle, the A’S open up the season at Safeco, a scary thought of the first against Schmidt. Zito going to the Mets with Rick Peterson, the odds seem good for that to happen. Maybe the Yankees and Dodgers maybe interest in getting "Z".  Also, how will Frank survive 81 game on the turf in Toronto plus the turf in Tampa Bay. Guess, "Big Hurt" likes prove people wrong. Carlos Lee would be good replacement for Thomas at DH according to some fans fantasies, but the Astros want him. The offseason is unpredictable so far, it seems anything can happen.

It’s Only Three Months Until Spring Training!
-Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

2 Anonymous { 11.23.06 at 12:45 am }

Great to hear from you. I had a terrific time in Arizona saw a lot of Fall League baseball. Didn’t see any outstanding prospects although I did hear Gio Gonzalez of the Phillies is a possible break through pitcher next season. The money being thrown around for free agents is an eye opener for the A’s and the Giants. If they want to sign anyone who isn’t a complete gamble it is going to cost 35-40 million. Gary Matthews getting 50 mil from the Angels is a great example of a player cashing in off of one very good season. Is Mike Piazza a possibility for Oakland? He seems to fit the Frank Thomas can-I please-have- a -contract mode. I think he would be a good gamble for the A’s since there aren’t many power hitters left in the market. Cliff Floyd can’t stay healthy and really isn’t the threat Piazza would be in the AL.Ted Lilly Gil Meche Vincente Padilla all will get 40 milllion or more. Forget any of those pitchers coming to the Bay Area. Loaiza looks like a bargian at 22.5 million in this years market. If the A’s wanted to trade him they probably could get some value in return. Seems that Texas will make a trade for a White Sox pitcher. They can’t get a free agent to come to Dallas so a trade is the only way to go. Frankly for Ron Washington’s sake I hope they get Freddy Garcia. Angels will get Miguel Tejada or more likely Manny Ramirez. Boston wants to trade Manny and can get some pitching help for him plus a couple of top minor leaguers. How about the Cubs. They said they would spend money and have. They need two pitchers and the rumor in the Chicago papers is that Jake Westbrook is on their radar. If he’s available the A’s should look that way first. After Dec 1st we will see more action because the compensation issue will be passed if a free agent signs after that date.
Glad the site is up and running and again I thank Alma for his hardwork.

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