Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Where is the pitching in the World Series?

The weather was defintely not a factor in last night’s World Series game at Pac Bell Park. The story was Livan Hernandez and his inability to throw a good game against the Angels.

The Angels can hit. We all know that after watching them match the the AL West champion A’s all through August and September, win for win.

But, come on, they aren’t the 27 Yankees.

Hernandez had absolutley nothing on the ball, whenever he threw the ball over the plate it looked like batting practice.

Tonight, Kirk Reuter tries to slow the Angels down. If he throws as Russ Ortiz and Hernandez did, it will be difficult for the Giants to avoid being knocked out Thursday night at home.

Usually, in a World Series someone steps up on the mound and distinguishes himself. Right now, the only one doing that is Anaheim’s Francisco Rodriguez who wasn’t needed Tuesday night.

It’s another foggy, drizzly morning in the Bay Area, usually that means a low scoring game in a cold, foggy San Francisco ball park, but who knows what to expect tonight.

The Angels have pounded lefties all year long. John Lackey has been steady, if not very solid for the Angels since he replaced Aaron Sele in the rotation this summer.

I picked the Giants in seven, but I’m worried about my pick because SF has now put too much pressure on its offense by not slowing down the Angels hitters.

Baseball is a funny game, I’m sure tonight will have some surprises.

For the Giants sake they better hope Reuter is one of them.

More on the managerial circus in the Bay Area tomorrow. Stay tuned.


1 Anonymous { 10.23.02 at 1:13 pm }

Marty, I believe Mike Scioscia was showing some gamesmanship when in the 1st inning with 1 out and runners on 1st and 3rd he intentionally walked Bonds to load the bases thereby putting pressure on the OTHER guys to do something. The Giants got 1 run on a weakly hit ball by Santiago but that was it. S.

2 Anonymous { 10.23.02 at 3:52 pm }


I figured whoever knocked off the Yankees would win the world series; too much confidence gained from that feat.

The fact is, the Angels have had the best line-up in the majors all season long, and their pitching hasn’t been too shabby either.

The Giants on the other hand played mediocre for long stretches in the regular season but turned it up in October. While they’ve played well, I never thought it would be enough to de-rail the Angels and I’ll be surprised if this thing goes to six games.

Maybe the Giants should change their name to the Almosts?

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