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Colorado pulls the plug on Buddy Bell, now what?

With the Rockies hitting .251 as a team, scoring four runs per game, and Mike Hampton starting the season with an 0-3 8.83 ERA mark, the Rockies decided to make the hitting coach, Clint Hurdle the new manager.

Huh?The Rockies are a dysfunctional organization. They bring in Todd Zeile and make him the third baseman (terrible fielder, the Mets couldn’t give him away until they found Rockies GM, Dan O’Dowd).

O’Dowd signs Hampton and Denny Neagle to long term contracts. The money given was staggering, considering the recent success of these two. I know Hampton was solid eventually with the Mets, but he still had physical questions.

O’Dowd keeps Larry Walker around even though privately many connected to the Rockies organization say he is so injury prone, that he never will regain his form of five years ago. An american league DH extraorinaire, if I ever saw one, with value, but he plays in the NL.

That’s the trade that has to be made.

What’s Clint Hurdle expected to do? He is the hitting coach. The worst part of this team is the way they play on the road. They can’t hit a lick, once they leave friendly Coors Field.

Again, Hurdle is the hitting guru. Nice work.

Since joining the Rockies under Don Baylor’s reign, Hurdle has not come close to solving this problem.

Now the big question. Of the three managers hired since the season began, all are interim.

Is Bud, the Commish, behind all of this temporary help?

Is he telling the owners, I’m going to shut the game down over the winter, so don’t hire anyone long term, thus trying to save his buddies some dough, just in case there is no baseball next year.

Just a thought.

So, what should Colorado do?

Can the GM.

Bring in someone who understands that the only pitchers who will be successful in Colorado are hurlers who do not rely on sliders and breaking stuff. Get some hard throwing, sinker ball guys with natural movement on their fastballs.

Don’t trade for questionable used talent.

Dump Larry Walker in the American league before he has no trade value. Get the top pitching prospects of the receiving team in return. Keep trading for the pitchers I described, until you have about fifteen to choose from.

Get hitters who are not enamored with big numbers. Play to create runs, so when you go on the road, it won’t be a shock to leave Coors Field. Smaller ball will play anywhere.

The A’s are fortunate to have picked up Art Howe’s option this week. Howe, one of the five top managers in baseball today, would have been a perfect fit in Colorado and would have been paid his true worth to go there.

Today, Jose Rijo, throws for the Reds against the Giants. Rijo was a teammate of Dusty Baker in 1985 with the A’s. Amazing comeback story. Again, if he gives his team five innings like he did in his last start against the Cubs, this team can provide the necessary relief to close the deal.

Pitchers who should do well today.

Paul Byrd will continue his early season success aginst Baltimore today. He can go nine which helps.

Mark Buerhle, they call him little Boomer after David Wells (Wells helped Buerhle last year during his brief stay in Chicago), owns the A’s and almost no hit them previously.

Ted Lilly is a lefty and with Ichiro banging his knee last night on the railing in right field, maybe the Mariners will be vulnerable tonight.

St. Louis’ pitching is so messed up, that Mike Timlin starts for them today. Timlin can’t get people out as a reliever, what can you expect from him as a starter? Get the bull pen ready.

Miguel Batista gets the job done for Arizona no matter what they ask him to do. Brad Penny has incentive against his former team, this is a good match up.

Not bad for a Saturday in April.


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