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Glaus First of Big Three To Go

Miguel Tejada, Manny Ramirez, and Troy Glaus all will have new homes in 2006.

Glaus is first to relocate.

Looks like Glaus will end up in Toronto for Orlando Hudson, one of the best fielding second basemen in the game plus the versatile Miguel Batista (to Arizona).

So with Glaus coming aboard, what do the Blue Jays do with Corey Koskie, Shea Hillebrand, and Eric Hinske, players who are all DH/1B/3B?

JP Ricciardi could look to his pal in Oakland and send Hillebrand this way giving Ken Macha that righthanded bat he still craves for his lineup.

Certainly would be less messy than staying in the Tejada hunt.

The Red Sox and Cubs have extra money to burn because of the near miss on Rafael Furcal by Chicago and the defection of Johnny Damon to NY, they will spend that money, you can count on it.

Kevin Millwood likely will cash in in Boston, while the Cubs are dead serious about going after Tejada.

Where does this leave Jeff Weaver, a very serviceable righthander?

Could be back in LA with the Dodgers or maybe with the Angels joining his brother Jared who is close to pitching in the big leagues.

The Weavers won’t make you think of Dizzy and Paul Dean or the Niekros, Phil and Joe, but in todays game they appear healthy enough to throw 200 innings which is worth 8 million per year.

Crazy but true.

Happy holidays,



1 pachyderm { 12.27.05 at 2:42 pm }

Hey Marty,

Here is an update, Glaus was traded to Blue Jays for Miguel Batista and Orlando Hudson as you predicted. Kevin Milwood has finalized a deal with the Rangers, hope he like home runs.

Happy Holidays to Marty and the rest of the Love of the Game Production family.
Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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