Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Milton Bradley Will Play Right Field and Hit Third in Oakland

Milton Bradley is the new A’s rightfielder.

During Bradley’s phone conference with the Bay Area media he was asked if he had any problems while playing in Los Angeles.

Bradley said his physical injuries stopped him last year, but wouldn’t acknowledge any issues he had with teammates especially with Jeff Kent.

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Not a very candid start for the newest Athletic.
There is no Jeff Kent on the A’s, both Mark Kotsay and Jason Kendall will be more diplomatic if Bradley doesn’t play at what they consider an all out major league level.
Bradley will play right field, probably hit third. Nick Swisher becomes the first base/DH with Dan Johnson. When facing tough lefties Antonio Perez who also is in the deal could DH instead of Swisher who struggled hitting righthanded.

Perez won’t play much and could be used in another trade for bull pen help.
The A’s usually fly below the radar trying to make chicken salad out of something less than pure chicken, maybe they will get lucky with Bradley.

Some call Bradley the Rasheed Wallace of baseball. He’ll need a lot of support and knowing the Bay Area media they will give him his space and let him play baseball.
It’s a decent pick up if he is healthy. The cost (minor leaguer Andre Ethier) was minimal.
Barry Zito? He is now an Athletic until July, then let’s see where the team is in the standings.
Ricardo Rincon will be missed for sure. He was tough on the lefthanded hitters in the West except for Garret Anderson. Can Joe Kennedy replace Rincon in the pen? Probably not because his breaking ball lacks consistency and his fastball is just OK.
Another lefty should be the next priority for BB and company.
Never a dull moment.


1 Anonymous { 12.13.05 at 11:25 pm }


Bradley is a big improvement for the A’s. His talent is not in question.The big problem is his head. This guy has anger
issues that can be disruptive. Kept under control he will
be a great addition. However, he could be another Alex
Johnson, a great player who no one could stand. I hope
the good Milton Bradley shows up in Oakland.

Jerry Feitelberg

2 Anonymous { 12.13.05 at 11:47 pm }

The A’S have good chemistry and with Milton Bradley coming in that will be a challenge for
Ken Macha. There are some players that are
simply “unmanageable. Mister Bradley could
be in that category, my friends in the Media
in Los Angeles do not tell me very nice things
about Mr Bradley, but hey maybe with the
A’S he will have a change of attitude. But you never know in Sports. I remember interviweing
a very young Terrell Owens when he first arrive
in the Bay Area, I remember saying he was a nice
guy very personable and very professional,
we know what happened since with TO.
We will see, I hope Bradley fits well with the
Oakland A’S, but a team that was in a way kind of dull might be a different team with Bradley.
Amaury Pi-González

3 Anonymous { 12.14.05 at 4:04 am }

The only real concern I have with Bradley is his relationship with Macha…simply because Macha has historically been a “no-crap”, straight forward kind of guy and I wonder if he’ll put up with Bradley.

I see an oncoming clash there. Hope I’m wrong.

Are the A’s still going after Frank Thomas?
I think they might do it.
If Thomas and Bradley stay healthy, this is a great lineup with Chavez, Thomas, Bradley hitting in the middle of the order.

And let’s face it, they have guys up and down the line up who could have break out years as well. I think, in fact, any given guy in this line up could have a big year.

A lot has to go right, but this team could be very, very good.


4 marty { 12.14.05 at 9:32 am }

Bradley has burnt bridges in Cleveland and Los Angeles and who knows why he left Montreal.
He doesn’t respond well to authority and I completely agree with Ned’s comment about “getting along with Macha” a key to how he performs.
He can hit and I say, if healthy will be a welcome addition to this lineup.
Is he the kind of player who can excel in September? To me that is more important. The winning teams roll over the losers in September with big performances from their money players. Is Bradley that kind of guy? He will be hitting third so he better be clutch and healthy during the stretch.
I think that puts too much pressure on a player with his “all over the map background”.
He has an awful lot to prove if he is going to carry the third spot for 150 games.
Personally I’d still go after Troy Glaus and trade Zito for him.
Glaus has a huge upside and won’t disappear when the A’s are chasing the Angels.
Stats and numbers blind many baseball people. Players with the tools Bradley has are always given another chance, if they don’t make it they are called scout killers.
Or in Bradley’s case GM killers since his demise in LA was a major reason for the meltdown of the Dodgers and the subsequent dismisal of Paul DePodesta, who I’m sure recommended Bradley very highly to his former boss.
Maybe part of this move is to vindicate Paul to the baseball world.
In any case baseball is a wonderful story and Milton Bradley will be a huge part of the “book” of 2006 as it unfolds every day.
I can’t wait.

5 pachyderm { 12.14.05 at 3:01 pm }

Hey Marty,

Milton Bradley will being interesting as an Athletic for not knowing, which Bradley will be at the park each game. Plus, it gives Macha options with three centerfielders, and Macha/Bradley storyline will be great story to follow with Beane input in the mix. An A’S lineup of:
Thomas? or Johnson
Seems to be good possible lineup right now, but Bradley’s off field issues and mental breakdowns will be in the back of this A’S fan’s mind all this season along others in Oakland faithful.

Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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