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Inside Baseball

I’m planning to go to Florida for some fishing, interviews, and business.

Next Inside Baseball the winter version will be this Wednesday at 6: 30 PM heard on 1550 AM in the Bay Area.

Shooty Babitt, Ken Korach, and I will give baseball reports plus the show will be hosted by Bay Area basketball personality Carl Foster.

Also check out my new podcast, Marty Lurie’s Sports Exclusive on, check out the website. Go to the baseball scroll in the menu and you can find the show. I’ll be sending one show in each Monday. It’s fifteen minutes in duration and a lot of fun giving my view on current sports events including the Hot Stove League.

Hope you are enjoying the baseball moves. I applaud the White Sox for picking up Jim Thome. Aaron Rowand is a gamer and will help the Phillies. The Marlins got some excellent players for Josh Beckett et al. The Red Sox have a legitimate ace in Beckett, but his injury history is a red flag. The Blue Jays are trying to give money away and snared a willing customer in BJ Ryan, but they already had a closer, Miguel Batista. Now the rumor is Batista will go to the Rangers for Kevin Mench.

John McLaren is the man for the Dodgers managerial job, I hope he gets the nod.

Marty Lurie


1 Anonymous { 11.28.05 at 8:43 pm }

How about Loiaza? Probably means Zito will be moved. Maybe the Mets and rejoining Rick Peterson. With the money saved from moving Zito the A’s can go after Nomar Garciaparra, a player Ken Macha likes a lot.

2 Anonymous { 11.28.05 at 10:14 pm }


Is there anyway that you could have hosted your own podcast? doesn’t let you download the podcast which sort of defeats the whole concept in that you can listen anytime you want…. 🙁

3 Anonymous { 11.29.05 at 6:27 am }

I’ll try to have the podcast on our site when I come home form Florida. Give Stephen Page a call at the station perhaps he can help with the download. He’s at 415 403 8521.

4 Anonymous { 11.30.05 at 6:24 pm }

Red Sox and White Sox Deals Have Impact

Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell alone were worth the prospects, and I’m someone who loves Anibal Sanchez. To get Guillermo Mota in the deal as well, makes it a terrific trade for Boston. My only worry about Beckett is injury history (blisters, elbow). But being around Schilling will mature the kid quickly.

By opening day of 2008 when the Marlins play their first home game outside Florida (probably Northern New Jersey, some if not all the prospects they got from the Red Sox should be ready to produce. Hanley Ramirez may indeed be “the guy’ one day, but remember, he’s had some maturity issues and with Miguel Cabrera acting out, the Marlins spring training camp could be interesting. I think Ramirez is at least a half year away.

So far, that’s the most impactful deal of the winter, though the Jim Thome deal comes close–for Chicago. I’m amazed that the Phillies agreed to pay $22 million to rid themselves of Thome’s contract. Sure Thome is 35, has had back problems, and is coming off a serious injury. But he seems to be healthy and to pay him “only” $7 million a season makes the deal work. Now that Paul Konerko has reportedly signed, the White Sox offense is looking much stronger than last season, when they finished 11th in OBP; 9th in runs scored; and 8th in slugging percentage. Signing Konerko today was a big boost.To win it all again, they had to improve their offense.

What’s Next for the A’s?

Nomar? Frank Thomas? Obviously Nomar could DH, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to. Could he play some third base a few days a week? He played 34 last year and doing so would take some heat off Chavez’s balky arm (didn’t choose to have surgery). Chavez could either DH or relieve Johnson at first base.

My bet: A’s sign Thomas to incentive laden deal to DH and play first occasionally, especially against tough lefties. Since Konerko is staying in Chicago, “The Big Hurt” is hurtin’ for work. The A’s should be able to get him for a reasonable base salary.
What did you think of the Loaiza signing? To me, it looks like insurance if they either trade Zito (even by summer) or lose him to free agency (long-term deal with the Padres, is my prediction if the A’s don’t re-sign him for ’07 and beyond.

Marty, what did you think of the Loaiza signing? To me, it looks like insurance if they either trade Zito (even by summer) or lose him to free agency. Wouldn’t be surprised if Zito agrees to a long-term free agent deal with the Padres following the season, assuming , the A’s don’t re-sign him for ’07 and beyond. If he’s willing to test the free agent market, it will certainly hurt Zito’s trade value.

– Bruce

5 Anonymous { 12.01.05 at 8:24 am }

December 1st
Heading downm to Miami today. Interviewed two former Pirates this week in Bradenton, Tony Bartirome, ’52 Pirates then became their long time trainer and Bruce Kison tough pitcher from the 70’s.
Tampa has players to trade Toby Hall, Aubrey Huff, Joey Gathright, Danys Baez, and Julio Lugo. I expect all to go with some on the go next week in Dallas.
Bengie Molina and Ramon Hernandez seem headed towards the Mets and Orioles respectively.
I expect the Giants to sign someone next week, probably a pitcher.
Manny to the Angels? It could happen but Troy Glaus could come back to Anahein instead as DH.
Next Inside Baseball show Tuesday night at 6PM on 1550 in the Bay Area.
Check out the podcast on my front page. I have one each Monday on 1550 at 4 PM too.

6 riponmike { 12.01.05 at 7:54 pm }

hey Bruce
Nomar to oakland…I wish. I don’t think he’d ever go for it. I believe he still thinks of himself as a marquee short stop and would love to get a chance to prove it. Too bad team blue is in shambles because there’s no place like home.

I don’t think the aquisition of loiza means zito is out the door (this year at least). Beane pulled the trigger as soon as it was known Konerko was not going to anaheim. Now the a’s have the most consistant pitching staff in the bigs and perhaps the deepest. I do agree with the san diego theory though. I believe zito’s ’07 jersey color will greatly depend on the development of dan meyer.

I think the right handed bat situation in oakland is getting a little played out. there is a lot of potential power on the a’s roster. Crosby, keilty, johnson, chavez, swisher, kendall (just joking) and payton are all capable of hitting well over twenty home runs a piece, health permitting obviously. A forty homer right hander would be great to see for once in oakland however the a’s did score more runs than anaheim last year. they also allowed more runs.

perhaps picking up another outfielder and dh-ing keilty is a option the a’s could go for. right handed only of course. and against righty starters, dh johnson and pull swisher to first.

anyways just a few thoughts

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