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Miguel Tejada Will Be Traded

One thing is certain, whenever the NY Yankees make the Boston Red Sox look silly by signing one of their star players or scooping up a free agent that the Sox wanted to sign, Boston’s ever PR conscious front office springs into action.

That’s where Miguel Tejada comes in.

Tejada has made it clear that he wants out in Baltimore.

The Orioles are petrified that Tejada could poison the 2006 season if he isn’t traded ala the way that Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmiero torpedoed the Birds in 2005.

So what are the possibilites?

Click below for more!There are certain teams that are still hungry to make trades.

The non tender market lacked any quick fixes for teams still looking for help.

Sorry but Ryan Franklin, Chad Bradford, and Josh Fogg aren’t going to be pitching in October next season.

The Cubs are desperate. The White Sox have taken over the town, and the Tribune Company is getting more than a little antsy.

The Bruins still want to get rid of Corey Patterson, Todd Walker, and believe it or not Mark Prior is available.

Why Prior? After his latest injury Prior came back and didn’t trust his stuff, constantly running his pitch counts up by the sixth inning because he became a nibbler instead of a flamethrower who would challenge even the weaker hitters.

The Cubs have a top prospect Felix Pie. I remember him as a very skinny kid who needed to grow up when I first saw him three years ago. Pie still hasn’t made it to AAA, but the scouts say he will play in the big leagues.

So the Cubs are ready to move this whole group in the right deal.

Tejada would fit as the Cub shortstop and be the number three hitter and clubhouse presence they sorely lack.

Chicago wants Erik Bedard from the Orioles too. Bedard is a finesse lefty who is a pretty good pitcher.

If I’m the Cubs and the Orioles I make this trade happen before the other suitors get interested.

There is more to this story.

The Red Sox are still in the picture. They continue to dangle Manny Ramirez at the Orioles, but Baltimore needs a pitcher too.

Boston has extra pitching with Bronson Arroyo or Matt Clement available. The Orioles might ask for one of the Sox hot pitching prospects.

Boston shouldn’t hesitate. If they could get Tejada to play short, their fans would pipe down for at least a week.

The White Sox want to move 18 game winner Jon Garland. The Orioles are interested in him. Can you imagine the ChiSox with Tejada in that lineup?

Garland isn’t enough to get Tejada one for one, the White Sox need to get a third team involved and part with one of their pitchers like Brandon McCarthy.

David Wells is on the block. He wants to go back to California. The Dodgers seem like a good landing spot for the overweight lefty. Boston wants bull pen help, the Dodgers are loaded in the pen.

Boston is loading up in the pen. Why? Who knows what Matt Clement and Curt Schilling will give them as starters this season. Josh Beckett might have his innings limited too because of his history of DL stints.

Boston has the dough to throw at pitcher Kevin Millwood. No way Millwood will sign with Texas, a team being used by Scott Boras to make a market for his client.

Arizona wants to get rid of Troy Glaus. Now that Toronto has some pitching they realize that they can’t go anywhere in the AL without some thunder in the line up.

Arizona needs relievers, Toronto is loaded in the bull pen. Would Miguel Batista go back to Arizona? Could happen because he can start of relieve, both spots are open in Arizona.

Boston wouldn’t mind getting Glaus to take aim at the Monster in left field. Boston has Clement or Arroyo plus some other prospects to offer the Dbacks.

Now here’s where the A’s come in.

Barry Zito will never have a higher market value than he has right now. If Zito is traded in July the A’s will only get prospects for him. No team in midseason and in contention will give the A’s a major leaguer then because that team most likely will be fighting for a playoff spot and won’t part with a front liner in July.

The A’s have too much pitching. I know you can never have too many top starters, but what the heck do they need Esteban Loiaza and his 7 million dollar contract if not to make Zito expendable.

Oakland will jump into the Tejada mix. Zito plus Nick Swisher could get the job done.

Sticking point, the Orioles like last year when they were interested in Tim Hudson would want to negotiate with Zito right now.

So if the Birds have to risk not having Zito more than one season, substitute Bobby Crosby for Swisher and then the Orioles would have some protection in case Zito walked.

Further Baltimore could spin Zito to Boston for Clement or Arroyo plus a prospect and still have Crosby at short.

Am I dreaming. Maybe, maybe not.

The Cubs, White Sox, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, and Blue Jays are going to make deals involving the players listed above.

What better way for Billy Beane to recapture the title as the most innovative GM from White Sox GM Kenny Williams than by getting into the middle of this scenario.

The A’s need a big bat in thier lineup. The Angels need a legit hitter to help Vlad. Someone is going to get Manny from the Red Sox, someone is going to get Miguel from Baltimore.

What a shame it would be if Glaus ended up in Toronto, Manny in Anaheim, and Miguel in Boston or Chicago, with the A’s left praying for the light to come on for Milton Bradley.

Ellis, Kotsay, Miguel, Chavez, Bradley, Johnson, Payton/Kielty, Swisher, and Kendall.

I’ll take my chances.


1 Anonymous { 12.23.05 at 2:35 pm }

What a Christmas present that could be! While I would hate to lose Crosby, the durability and passion in Miggy would be very welcome. Chavez would love to have his partner back. And the fans–more tickets will be sold with Miquel back.

And we need to keep the Angels or Red Sox from getting him.

I think this is a pipedream, but with Billy around one will always be surprised.

2 Anonymous { 12.23.05 at 3:09 pm }

Very creative look at things.

However, with his contract (even if the Orioles pick most of it up), Miguel Tejada will absolutely not come back to the A’s.

In addition, I’m betting neither him or Manny Ramirez go anywhere at all.

You’ll see spring training end with those two guys playing for the teams they’re currently playing for now…mark my words.


3 marty { 12.23.05 at 4:01 pm }

The words are marked. If the A’s picked up Tejada and lost the salaries of Zito and Crosby it would make sense financially. Plus you wouldn’t need to make any changes next year other than replacing Payton with either Javier Herrera’s or Daric Barton’s 300,000.00 rookie salary.
Thanks for the comments Ned, you are a perceptive fan.

4 Anonymous { 12.23.05 at 10:56 pm }

The Red Sox now need a shortstop as well as a center fielder. Trading manny for miggy would be a great deal for
the beantown boys. The question is who would play center
field now that Damon has shaved and cut his hair for the Yanks. That’s one of the problems in baseball. The team losing the player doesn’t get a chance to match the offer of the new team. If Manny goes to Baltimore, the Sox will have 2 fill 2 slots, centerfield and leftfield.Do they have any prospects in the system? It will be a great test for the 2 young guys running the front office.

Jerry Feitelberg

5 marty { 12.24.05 at 10:18 am }

Looks like Troy Glaus will end up in Toronto for Orlando Hudson, one of the best fielding second basemen in the game plus the versatile Miguel Batista (to Arizona).

So with Glaus coming aboard, what do the Blue Jays do with Corey Koskie, Shea Hillebrand, and Eric Hinske, players who are all DH/1B/3B?

JP Ricciardi could look to his pal in Oakland and send Hillebrand this way giving Ken Macha that righthanded bat he still craves for his lineup.

Certainly would be less messy than staying in the Tejada hunt.

The Red Sox and Cubs have extra money to burn because of the near miss on Rafael Furcal by Chicago and the defection of Johnny Damon to NY, they will spend that money, you can count on it.

Kevin Millwood likely will cash in in Boston, while the Cubs are dead serious about going after Tejada.

Where does this leave Jeff Weaver, a very serviceable righthander?

Could be back in LA with the Dodgers or maybe with the Angels joining his brother Jared who is close to pitching in the big leagues.

The Weavers won’t make you think of Dizzy and Paul Dean or the Niekros, Phil and Joe, but in todays game they appear healthy enough to throw 200 innings which is worth 8 million per year.

Crazy but true.

Happy holidays,


6 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:13 pm }

7 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:50 pm }

8 Anonymous { 12.24.09 at 11:58 pm }

You probably hear this a lot, but youre SMOKIN HOT!!!,

9 Anonymous { 01.16.10 at 5:00 am }

I still have some concerns regarding this type of stuff. Dont know why though…

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