Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

New Matchups Will Shed Some Light On The Race

The AL West gets to take a look at the intriguing AL Central this week when the Angels meet the revamped Tigers in Detroit. The Rangers get to match bats with the Royals in Kansas City.

The A’s meet the Yanks in the Bronx and Seattle sees the Orioles in Camden Yards.

Kansas City throws lefty Jeremy Affeldt against the Rangers. Affeldt, the only legit power arm on the staff, had an excellent seven innings against the Indians his last time out. The Indians don’t hit very well, Texas does.

Kenny Rogers who missed his last start with the flu will have his hands full with this team. Mike MacDougall is back in the KC bullpen and will be in action right away.

Anyway, it will be instructive to see if the Rangers can hit with Kansas City or vice versa.

Detroit has scored more runs this month than they did in two months last year or so it seems. They will need to hit to keep up with Anaheim. Nate Cornejo is righthanded, so maybe he’ll slow the Angel bats to a measley four runs in six innings.

John Lackey pitched well his last game and with a day off the Anaheim bullpen is ready and loaded, so if Detroit is to get lucky tonight they better do it before the sixth inning.

Click below for more!The A’s always give the Yankees a tough time no matter where they play.

George Steinbrenner flew in just to see this series and to rally the troops. Tim Hudson is the best in the league right now and should have no trouble winning tonight against Mike Mussina. That’s how much confidence I have in Hudson today.

Hudson keeps the ball down and that is a must for any righty in Yankee Stadium. Mike Mussina pitched extremely well after giving up three in the first to the White Sox last Thursday night. If he has his ball diving down he can be tough, but these days he doesn’t keep that downward angle on his pitches often enough. Eric Chavez should get some good hacks tonight.

The A’s will have Adam Melhuse in the lineup catching Hudson which will give the team another lefthanded hitter, a good thing in Yankee Stadium.

Seattle got rid of Kevin Jarvis yesterday, eating his 4.5 million dollar contract. Lefty Mike Thurston came up replacing Jarvis on the roster. Besides hitting, this team needs the presence of Rafael Soriano who will be back within a week as his velocity is now in the 92-94 mph range. Randy Winn will be on the bench tonight against lefty Matt Riley. The Mariners could use a first baseman who can hit, but center field is a position that they aren’t thrilled with either.

The Orioles can score runs quickly so this series may be trouble for Seattle unless the pitching really steps up.

Randy Johnson doesn’t throw 95 mph anymore, but he befuddled the Cubs last night with his off speed stuff.

Richie Sexson can be the MVP if the Diamondbacks can keep it together.

Toronto is getting loose finally. Ted Lilly gave them a great game yesterday against Minnesota, but will he do it again in his next start? This little question has held Lilly back in his career. If he ever could put it together, he would be one of the best lefties in the league.

Jon Garland sees if he can keep his fine pitching going tonight against Cleveland and Jeff D’Amico. Is it me or does D’Amico start every other day for the Tribe. The White Sox are feeling better about themselves after their gift win Sunday over Tampa Bay.

After watching the Giants play last night, I’m not convinced that Matt Herges will last all season as the closer. He doesn’t have very good command right now and hasn’t really looked good all season. The number five hitter has got to do some damage eventually or Barry Bonds will end up with over 200 walks, no doubt. Forget Jeffrey Hammonds in the five spot.

Shawn Estes pitches tonight in Coors. Estes seems like a new man, let’s see if he can keep it going tonight. The Marlins play good baseball, so if Estes doesn’t have control they will light him up. Darren Oliver loved pitching in Coors last year so this one has some intrigue.

Cory Lidle and Cincy play the Brewers in Milwaukee. Lidle has been very good so far and his opponent Doug Davis is hit or miss.

Can the Mets win one tonight? They saw a lot of Hideo Nomo this spring and hit him hard. I feel a Met win coming on soon. Mike Piazza is probably going to bust loose this week since he is at home with his yoga instructor.

Sergio Mitre and the Cubs against Brandon Webb. Will Webb get that sinker working? He better or its a tough night coming up for Arizona.

If the Phillies don’t turn it on soon, the Larry Bowa watch will be in full swing. Eric Milton needs to show he is the real deal tonight against the Cards. Matt Morris will give St. Louis all he has no matter what he brings to the mound.

Montreal really is that bad. If San Diego scores four runs behind Ismael “five innings” Valdez, it’s all over.

Good time to see what the rest of the American League has to offer.


1 Anonymous { 04.27.04 at 3:57 pm }

good comments,marty. Will crosby be in the lineup tonight or is injudry more serious than we were led to believe? Tim Hidson has been pitching as he did last year before he got hit on the hand. He still has the nastiest sinker/slider in baseball. Mussina appears to
be possibly on the way down. The trip to Japan played havoc with his body clock. He still is dangerous and
can still beat you. The Yanks all-star team is not hitting. very tough lineup.Enrique Wilson is the weak spot.
Jeter and A-rod will break out sooner or later but
let’s hope later.

As for the Giants,their pitching is not as good as
it was last year and they have a bunch of journeymen surrounding a superman. Bonds cannot do it all.Sabean must obtain a 1st baseman and a rightfielder that can hit otherwise ithey cannot overtake LA or San Diego. J.T.Snow is a great gloveman but he is on the downside of his career.
Hammond,Tucker and Mohr are interchangeable and just mediocre at best. It may be a long season but if Sabean can make a trade or two in those ares,that may perk up the offense. Jerry F

2 Anonymous { 04.27.04 at 10:27 pm }

Whatever criticisms people may have had of Art Howe, he could at least manage the bullpen better than Macha. Mecir would not have been in there for as long as he was if Howe was the skipper.
-Mike E.

3 VegasVic { 04.28.04 at 10:15 am }

In regard to Johnson not throwing 95mph anymore…I was watching the game, (D’Back feed), and they had him on the gun at better than 100!? Could have been a bit slanted with either their gun or reporting but he did look like the Randy of old and threw with ease, (sneaky fast).

4 marty { 04.28.04 at 1:41 pm }

No question the DBacks jack up the gun for Johnson, they started doing it last year. If he masters an off speed pitch it will make his hard stuff more effective. It’s just tough to watch him throwing 84 mph pitches, but it happens to the best of them. Also, if Webb can pitch like he did last night and that young infield continues to play like they have the last few days, good days could be ahead for Arizona. Bautista is on fire, Finley and Gonzalez can still play and you know Sexson will hit 50. So what’s the problem? Number three through five starters and two really reliable guys in the pen. That’s Arizona in a nut shell. Where is Shea Hillenbrand these days? Perhaps he can bring a pitcher from someone like Detroit. Jason Johnson?
Just a thought.

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