Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Is Wee Willie Keeler Next Up for the Dodgers?

If you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a game between two teams from the deadball era of baseball, just tune into tonight’s game between the Giants and the Dodgers.

Granted Jason Schmidt is the hottest pitcher in the National league right now, and deserveedly so, but this Dodgers team poses no threat at the plate. Come to think of it, with Edgardo Alfonzo in a deep freeze for the Giants, very few of the Giant batters worry the opposition (don’t forget the greatest player of all time Barry Bonds). Marquis Grissom continued punishing lefthanders with a game winning homer off southpaw Odalis Perez Tuesday night. Grissom must be licking his chops knowing he gets to face Ted Lilly, Barry Zito, and Mark Mulder this week in the big Phone Booth, known as Pac Bell Park.

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So Juan Gonzalez is going to reject the proposed trade to Montreal. No surprise. Why would Gonzalez want to play before 5000 fans in Canada when he can continue to enjoy life in relative anonymity in Texas? Sounds like Kenny Rogers all over again when the lefty didn’t want to join Cincinnati in the pennant race last season, vetoing a trade with the Reds in July. Anyway, I can see Gonzalez moving on to a better team simply becasue the Rangers will pay all his salary just to get him out of town. This is where the Giants come in, who could use his bat in right field, plus they have a Spanish speaking manager in Felipe Alou to make “Juan Gone” feel more at home.

Not a far fetched conclusion.

Meanwhile, the word is the Giants would like to add a veteran pitcher such as Al Leiter. I have seen Leiter get rocked many times this year, he relies on a fast cutter and folks, it ain’t cutting all the time and I think his best days are clearly behind him. If the Mets could move Leiter to a contending team they should jump at the chance.

What’s up with Ken Macha? He is starting to have a nasty habit of airing his displeasure with things in the press. Criticizing Adam Piatt is just the latest gaffe. Many mangers have used the press to motivate players, but in today’s world it just doesn’t work and makes the manager appear as a person who talks behind his players back. Another growing pain for the A’s rookie manager.

I guess Chad Bradford could have walked Carl Everett instead of pitching to him last night. If another reliever wasn’t available why not just work around a hitter that has blasted your pitcher for two game winning home runs already. Everett’s homer off Bradford iced the game for Texas and negated another fine A’s ninth inning comeback. I didn’t hear the inning develop, so I’m just suggesting this would have been a viable alternative, maybe not, you tell me.

Texas has fought the A’s right down to the the last out more times than the A’s 8-3 record against the Rangers suggests.

Nomar is heating up if that is possible. 6-6 on Saturday, 5-5 on Tuesday. Boston hits much better at home. The minor league signing by Boston of Gabe Kapler means the end for Jeremy Giambi in Beantown.

If you like Hollywood endings, just keep following the fates of Arizona and the Marlins.Baseball is full of wonderful summer stories of teams coming out of nowhere and making a run at the postseason. These two teams are right on schedule.

Minnesota keeps losing and finally fell out of first in the AL Central. Unbelievable, but Kansas City is now the leader and it is June 25th. What is KC to do as the trading deadline approaches? Anything other than keeping this team together is ludicrous for the KC fans. Joe Mays who pitched better in his last start throws against the White Sox and Jon Garland today in Minneapolis. As I’ve been saying all along, I expect the pitching in Chicago to save Jerry Manuel’s job and get his team into the race, once the summer schedule really gets underway. A win today brings the Sox within 3 1/2 of the Twins.

Sammy Sosa finally got hot in Cubland. Two homers yesterday plus Kerry Wood on the mound made Dusty Baker’s day very happy. Maybe Shawn Estes will get it together to beat the Brewers, don’t count on an easy victory for the Cubs because Ben Sheets is the best the Brew crew has to offer.

Houston is hurting without Jeff Kent in the lineup. Wade Miller has thrown well and must slow down the Diamondbacks who are at home and winning with a team of hungry players. Veterans Luis Gonzalez, Steve Finley, and David Delucci are quietly getting it done during this resurgence. Elmer Dessens is a disappointment, the Diamondbacks could have gotten Esteban Loaiza (11-2) during the off season for nothing, but chose Dessens and gave up Erubiel Durazo, in case you forgot.

Paul Wilson on the hill today in his first start since getting beaten up by Kyle Farnsworth and his Cub teammates last week.

Matt Morris still feeling a knot in his shoulder goes for the Cards today against Wilson. The Cards bullpen blew another game last night, Armando Benitez fits perfectly on this team, why not make the move now?

Toronto throws Cory Lidle against Sidney Ponson in Baltimore after Kelvim Escobar got his lunch Tuesday. Ponson is a hot trade commodity, so all the scouts will be watching to see how he handles this prolific offense.

The Phillies turn to Vincente Padilla against the Braves in Atlanta and Greg Maddux. Atlanta can outscore the Phils with just Javy Lopez, so Padilla is in for a long night because Gary Sheffield, Chipper Jones, and the rest of the Braves offense will find the ballpark tonight.

Hideo Nomo and Damian Moss in SF. I’m going to be looking for Wee Willie Keeler, he may be playing for one of these two teams as the deadball era continues to be on display at Pac Bell.

Seattle keeps rolling and the Angels keep falling further behind. The Angels can only hope for a Wild Card spot.

Andy Pettitte and Rob Bell in the Juicedome.

‘Nuff said.

See you tomorrow.


1 Anonymous { 06.25.03 at 1:29 pm }

Re: Macha and Piatt. I was surprised to see Macha’s comment re: Piatt as well, especially since Piatt had put in a good performance the night before.

However, don’t you think what Macha said is what most people have thought now for a good long while? It wasn’t a surprising statement by any means. And as a fan, I appreciate reading a quote that isn’t pablum in the paper for once.

There was a mention in the paper Sunday that Macha has been meeting with the outfielders individually and as a group. It seems like what he said to them then was pretty much the same that he said here. It just doesn’t seem like this is coming out of the blue for me, and I find it refreshing in contrast to players complaining that they didn’t know what their role was under Howe’s management.

BTW, did you see the Mets-Yankee game Sunday night? What did you think of the 9th inning? Should Howe have pulled Benitez?

2 Anonymous { 06.25.03 at 1:31 pm }

Hey Marty,

Good point on Macha. He doesn’t impress me at all, either with his decision making or with his personality. He makes questionable moves in the later innings (he hasn’t used a pinch runner and pinch hitter a number of times this season already) and he is terrible with the press. I’m sure he is frustrated with the outfield situation but his comments about Piatt were unacceptable.


3 marty { 06.25.03 at 1:45 pm }

I guess my point on this subject is why question your players in the press, closed door meetings are fine I don’t think sniping back and forth in the press is what the A’s have in mind for team chemistry. No question Piatt has been a disappointment and is most likely on his way out, no need to embarrass him further with the media. Perhaps challenging him publically will make him play harder, we’ll see. As far as Benitez is concerned, after three walks, see ya later. He didn’t deserve to finish the inning.


4 Anonymous { 06.25.03 at 4:57 pm }

I have never been a huge Piatt fan, but the guy has not had a chance to prove himself except to prove that he can’t come off the bench. If that is his role for the A’s, he is not good at it. Maybe if we were 6 games ahead of Seattle, then he could get a chance. Macha’s comments can’t help the situation unless Piatt gets a chance to play everyday. I think he will end up on a non-contending team and get regualr playing time. He will probably do okay.

So does Macha enjoy watching crazy Carl Everett beat the A’s? Why let Bradford pitch to him? Hasn’t Everett proved he has Bradford’s number? I fail to understand that decision at all unless you had given up. ( And we know the players on the team are not giving up these days). There had to be someone in the bullpen to pitch to him.

Anyway, the comeback once again was great. Urbina’s stock has certainly fallen. Do the Giants still want him?

5 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

6 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:51 pm }

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