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Sunday Morning Muse

The A’s continue to play world championship defense in the infield with the exception of Scott Hatteberg who is trying his best to master a position that is not that easy to play.

In any case, any mistakes that the A’s pitchers make are being turned into routine outs by Mark Ellis, Miguel Tejada, and Eric Chavez who by the way is really impressing me with his particular Brooks Robinson like defense at third.

Ted Lilly looked the sharpest he has been all season last night. He had no hit stuff against the Devil Rays.

I always say the Devil Rays surprise you once per series, well, today is the only day they have left against Oakland.

To put the race between Oakland, Boston, and Seattle in perspective, the three teams vying for two spots in October are only 2 1/2 games apart with 26 left to play.

Nothing is settled yet, baseball history is full of teams blowing leads with ten games to go, and we aren’t even close to that yet.

Today, it is youth versus youth as Rich Harden throws his 95 MPH gas against the young Tampa hitters, should be fun to watch.

Click below for more.Rumors are flying in Chicago that Kerry Wood will opt for Arizona after next season as he was seen having dinner with Arizona recruiter Mark Grace recently. Wood of course denies the interest, but if you were the Cubs, would you sign him to a 60 mil contract with his history of back injuries?

Mark Mulder and the A’s will face the same contractual dilemma after Mulder’s latest injury, his third in his short career.

Carlos Beltran is now on my list of MVP candidates. If KC wins the Central he is a legit pick. Thirty stolen bases in thirty three attempts is a good start. He doesn’t get the national pub because he plays in KC, but believe me the Yankees know just where he is.

David Wells will pitch Monday because the Yankees have no choice. Is he healthy? We will see what he has next week. One thing is for sure he won’t be skipping his mid start bullpen sessions anymore.

Fernando Vina should come back for the Cards today. Any more starters out there for St. Louis?

The A’s signed Steve Sparks, vet knuckleballer from Detroit. What’s the matter did they lose Tom Candiotti’s number.

Bronson Arroyo may be the most reliable reliever Boston has, that tells you something.

Byung Hyun Kim gave up a backbreaking two run homer to Jorge Posada in the ninth inning Saturday after the Sox had an amazing rally against Mariano Rivera, to pull within one run in the eighth inning 8-7.

Kim can’t get the Yankees out and lefties are kayoing him regularly, righties are seeing the ball pretty well too.

Mariano Rivera threw 39 pitches in his save yesterday so he gets the day off today or does he?

Jason Giambi entered yesterday’s game 2-29 and went 0-4. Nick Johnson has picked the team up big time from the left side while Giambi continues to struggle.

Bill Mueller has a co-leader now for the top hitting spot in the AL as Nomar caught up at .326.

Today Roger Clemens in perhaps his last Fenway start versus Tim Wakefield. These two have a long way to go to top yesterday’s exciting game.

The Twins got two RBI’s from Shannon Stewart and shut out ball from Johann Santana to keep pace with the White Sox. Santana left with a sore hamstring, not good news for Minnesota.

Eric Milton threw a couple of innings in A ball for his first rehab appearance of the year. If the Twins can get him back this year they will be very lucky.

KC has a doubleheader today with the Angels. Boston has a makeup with the Phillies tomorrow in Philadelphia. This type of thing used to be a part of baseball scheduling all the time when doubleheaders were common place in the 50’s and 60’s. I miss it, things can change quickly on a Sunday. Just watch what happens in KC today.

Seattle busted loose for thirteen yesterday on the Orioles. Let’s see if they can carry it over today against a much tougher pitcher Jason Johnson.

The Cards and the Cubs play five times this week starting tomorrow in Wrigley.

Juan Cruz needs to beat Milwaukee today in order to keep the Cubs at worst 1 1/2 behind the leaders going into next week.

Mike Lowell broke his hand and is out for the year. He was slumping badly at the plate, but still was a threat for the Marlins.

Esteban Loiaza tries to pin loss #101 on the Tigers today.

Day game in Texas: Brad Radke and RA Dickey. Texas is tough to sweep at home.

The plight of the Braves bullpen, Jaret Wright is now getting an audition for the eighth inning role.

Pat Burrell snubbed Larry Bowa after hitting a homer on Friday against the Mets. Hate the manager, but win the pennant, it has happened before.

Frank Thomas hit number 38 Saturday and drove in three runs. Can you say MVP, he is sure making a case for it.

Dave McCarty got a huge pinch hit double off Rivera in the Sox eighth inning rally Saturday. David Ortiz homered again too. If only the Sox could pitch, but you know that.

The Astros look to Ron Villone today against a Padre team that can hit, but may be lefty heavy on offense with Klesko, Giles, and Burroughs.

Jason Schmidt tis throwing free and easy and I still say give the Giants more games in Pac Bell than the opposition in October and you have 2002 all over again.

The Dodgers are still hanging around. With Nomo (35 today), Kevin Brown, Ishii, Perez, and that bull pen, I can’t count them out just yet. In a 26 game season they are alive and pitching.

I know Jim Edmonds is wonderful in center field, but doesn’t he dive for balls unecessarily? The way he goes over the wall for the baseball is unparalled in my opinion.

Labor Day tomorrow, now the games get a little tighter, and the good teams rise quickly to the top.

The late Hall of Famer Leonard Koppett told me, just be at .500 on September first and you have a shot at the playoffs.

Only Toronto one game under .500 is out of it, among all the teams at .500 or above (17 are above .500 and are in the picture).

Leonard was the smartest baseball man I ever met. I wish he was here now so he could enjoy how this September plays out.

It will be something.


1 Anonymous { 08.31.03 at 12:40 pm }


Lilly came through last nite and the A’s opted for Steve Sparks so Hentgen doesn’t come our way today.
With the Yankees pitching problems, I would not be surprised to see Hentgen in pinstripes.
Don’t know what Sparks gives us. Knuckballers scare me as you never ever know from day to day what you’re getting. I bet the Red Sox are on pins and needles having Wakefield going today.

I haven’t bagged on T. Long lately and anyone can lose a fly ball, but the guy still has this big looping swing that produces a few homers but more popups and weak groundouts than anything else.

Travis Lee is very smooth around the lst base bag but give me Hatty anytime. Hatteberg’s clutch hitting more than makes up for his defensive deficiencies (which are being minimised daily anyway as Scott improves).

Looking forward to getting a look at all our AAA phenom/award winners. Here’s hoping the A’s develope enough breathing room in this race for Crosby etal to see some playing time.

I have faced the fact that Tejada is a goner. It’ll be good to see if Crosby has the chutzpah its gonna take to replace a legend.

Reno Bill

2 Ed { 08.31.03 at 1:35 pm }

A thought about the playoffs. Looking at the tightness of the races for the spot in the playoffs how do the powers that be decide the games should be played if there are, say, four teams tied at the end of the year? What if there is an odd number of teams tied? I’ve seen nothing out of headquarters concerning this, but it isn’t a far fetched thought. Another thought, having in mind the predominance of the Giants at Pac Bell Park, and, in fact the winning record of most of the contending teams when they play at home, the outcome of the All Star game may decide who wins the World Series. Dusty having been either out-managed at the All Star game or simply not really caring who won as long as he could get all his players into the game, may cost the Giants the win. Ironic?

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