Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Are You Ready For the World Series?

After watching three champagne celebrations starting with the end of the regular season, moving on to the division series, and finally the league championship series, I’m not sure I want to see another inane clubhouse party coupled with more senseless interviews.

But, I AM ready to see more baseball in what should be an excellent world series.

I have felt throughout this season that the Yankee pitching is older than normal for them, and waiting to be exposed in the playoffs.

The Twins didn’t have the hitting to do it, falling in four games 3-1. The Red Sox had the power, but not the discipline to truly hit the Yankees all over the lot, but they did hit them enough to win, and other than Grady Little’s refusal to go to his all of a sudden powerful bullpen to seal the deal, they would be in the series today.

The Marlins are young and fresh and they swing the bat. They have survived the gauntlet of the four Cub righthanded starters. The Marlins hit lefties very well. Remember the angst the Giants went through deciding if Kirk Reuter should pitch in Miami or San Francisco.

The Marlins will see David Wells and Andy Pettitte three, maybe four times, if the series goes seven games. This is the best news for the Marlins who were 27-11 against lefties during 2003.

The Marlins can hit the Yankees. The Marlins can do to the NY staff what the Angels did to it in five games last fall.

Click below for more on the series matchup!The key for NY is having the lead late in the game with Mariano Rivera ready to go.

In any inning you keep Rivera out of the game, you have a chance to score runs against the Yankees.

The Yankees defense will be tested by the speed of the Marlins. Jorge Posada has gotten better at throwing out runners this season, but other than Andy Pettitte, no Yankee starter is immune to the running game.

The ball will find Alfonso Soriano and Bernie Williams more often then the Yankees will like.

The Marlins are a better team than most people, including me, have given them credit for.

The problem for Miami is two fold as I see it.

One, they must get at least a split in the first two games in Yankee Stadium, a place that is intimidating to play in anytime, but is a horror show at night in October.

Two, the Marlins best pitcher Josh Beckett won’t pitch until Tuesday in Miami in game three. Game one pitcher Brad Penny has been very inconsistent all postseason, game two starter Mark Redman throws from the left side (helpful against NY) and is capable of pitching a nice game, but to me he looks very tired based upon what I saw in Chicago in his last start.

This series has all the makings of more high scoring 6-5 games, with runs all over the place in the middle innings. Especially this weekend as the Marlins won’t have their big gun on the hill.

The ultimate winner of the series will depend on who is ahead more often entering the eighth inning. If the Yankees are up expect to see Rivera for a two inning save. If it’s the Marlins, expect Chad Fox and Ugueth Urbina to pitch the last two innings (no lock).

I don’t see the Marlins pitching staff shutting NY down. If the Marlins win this series, they will do it with offense and superior defense.

I don’t see any fear in the Marlins. The Yankees are cool customers, always waiting for the dramatic moment to take the game.

Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo are keys as well. The Marlins can win without big games from them, but if they get on base often, they will drive NY crazy.

The Yankees are not going to see a pitching staff with top of the line starters. No Hudsons, no Zitos, no Pedros, and no Lowes. The NY lineup will get good swings against everyone the Fish throw out there, except Josh Beckett if he is on his game.

The Yankees will score runs.

So, here’s the plan for the Marlins. Split in NY, win with Beckett at home Tuesday, find one more win by outslugging NY in another home game, then have Beckett beat NY in game seven next Sunday night in the House that Ruth built.

Sounds plausible.

The Marlins need to win two in NY, in my opinion to get it done.

Is it probable that this plan will work?

One famous GM who had a book written about him this season said, “The playoffs are a crapshoot, anything can happen.”

I disagree. The playoffs bring out the best or worst in a baseball team. You must have solid defense, play the game hard 24/7, not make stupid mistakes, don’t ever lose your cool, have clutch ball players, and of course have smart managing.

The best baseball team will win the series. The Marlins showed that in beating the Cubs. Overall, the Yankees did outplay the Red Sox right to Aaron Boone’s home run and deserve to be here.

So, my answer is this: if the Marlins split in NY this weekend, I think they will beat the Yankees in seven scintillating games.

If the Yankees sweep this weekend, they win in six, closing it next Saturday night.

So, the pressure is on David Wells and undecided in game two (probably Mussina) for NY and Brad Penny and Mark Redman for the Marlins.

If you are a Marlin fan, hope your team hits and doesn’t stop hitting, because the Yankees can be beaten that way.

If you are a Yankee, be grateful you won’t see Josh Beckett in NY, and pray that Mariano Rivera has a busy weekend beginning tonight.

Great theater coming up, I’m ready to see which pennant winner is the best baseball team for 2003.

I’m picking the Marlins in seven, they will knock the NY pitchers all over the place and not choke in Yankee Stadium.

Why will it happen?

I said this would be the best postseason ever (it has so far), and it will continue for one more week ending with another fantastic finish.

Go Marlins, beat Goliath!

May the Force be with you!

You’ll need it.


1 Anonymous { 10.18.03 at 11:29 am }

good insight as always,marty. You hit the nail on the head by saying that one of the keys is not to
play dumb baseball. Do not beat yourself. Good pitching and good defense plu clutch hitting are
always a recipe for success. Derek Jeter is one of the best clutch players I have ever seen and Jorge Posada is right up there with him. If Giambi can overcome a sore knee , the Yanks can win it all.
They have a virtual all-star line-up with the exception of right field. The young Marlins have
got to believe that they can win it all. They came form a slow start and played the best baseball in the majors the last 4 months of the season
and they get to use a DH in 4 out of the 7 games played. Conine and Lowell can play a major role and as the late Mel Allen would say “how about that Orlando Cabrera ! “
Most pundits are picking the Yanks and ,as you know, I could never pick the Yanks. So lets go Marllins

Jerry F

2 marty { 10.18.03 at 12:09 pm }

The Marlins beat Prior and Wood by hanging around long enough to wear them down. I still think the key is the lefties the Marlins may face four times (Wells and Pettitte). This team can hit and they don’t rely on the home run which is a plus, it all has to go well, but they are a live underdog. Unless a pitcher is on top of his game the Marlins can hit him. I’m banking on their offense and two wins from Josh Beckett.

3 Anonymous { 10.18.03 at 3:47 pm }

I have to feel that the Series will be a let down after all the exciting play leading up to it.

The Marlins have no fan base. ( I bet there are more Yankee fans living in south Florida than Marlin fans). And the Yankees have so many non-fans who have tired of seeing them in October. I for one rooted for the Yanks (strangest feeling ever) to beat the Red Sox after their classless behavior towards the A’s ( and baseball in general). But the minute the Yanks won on Thursday, I became a Marlins fan. Oh, how I wish it were the Cubs vs anyone (except the Red Sox) going tonight. That would have captured America’s heart (except for a few unhappy Giant’s fans over Dusty Baker being the Cub’s manager).

Hope you are right, Marty, that the young legs may undermine the old Yankees and make it exciting. It will always feel good to see the best team that money can buy get beaten by the little engine that could.

4 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

5 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:51 pm }

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