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Sunday Morning Muse

Jermaine Dye increased his speed to first base this winter. Dye who suffered a broken leg in the playoffs 2001 now is slightly above the average major leaguer in his time down the line.

The big improvement in Dye’s speed is noticeable when he runs from first to third, I think it’s the best he’s looked since the injury.

Pitch him up and away and he can hurt you, low and in and he’s got more to worry about.

Click below for more.The Marlins are not showing public concern about Mike Lowell’s sore elbow, but the thirdbaseman didn’t hit very much at the end of the season and this injury may slow him down this year too.

I would have traded him this winter.

Jack McKeon thinks Luis Castillo and Alex Gonzalez are the best DP combo in the league. One thing for sure, they get rid of the ball faster than anyone in baseball.

Armando Benitez finally got into a game last week, the Marlins have Ugueth Urbina’s number on speed dial.

Mark Prior still hasn’t pitched this spring, think they are worried? Prior pitched a ton of innings last year and despite his look on the mound is still a very young pitcher. They better take it easy with him or else he could turn into another Kerry Wood with an arm injury.

Roy Oswalt is on top of his game. His curve is sharp and he may be the key starter for Houston because he has true number one stuff. Clemens, Pettitte, Miller, and Redding are fine, but Oswalt is the one who can win the big game.

The Angels have alot of nagging injuries this spring. Not a good sign for a club counting on half the roster coming back from devastating injuries last season. Troy Glaus turned an ankle this week, Jose Guillen hit one off his ankle, and Troy Percival is shaky too.

Seattle’s Eddie Guardado’s knee injury places pressure on Rafael Soriano to come back this month. Soriano has the dreaded side pull which has been known to linger for more than a month before healing.

Chan Ho Park is already complaining of a sore back. What a 65 million dollar investment for Texas.

Somehow I just feel that Toronto, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore will all give the Yankees and Red Sox trouble.

Ozzie Guillen has his hands full with the White Sox players. Until Frank Thomas is out of Chicago no manager will have complete control of the clubhouse.

The Dodgers and A’s will team up for many trades over the next five years. Jose Flores for cash will be one of the least memorable. LA has power arms which the A’s need. Just give these two GM’s some time and the I-5 trading corridor will be in full swing.

Byung Hyun Kim threw most of his pitches in the 75-84 MPH range in his last start, very slow. Now it has been revealed that he has shoulder soreness. Kim is an underachiever who may give way to Bronson Arroyo. Where’s Jeff Suppan when you need him.

The Brewers have won in the Cactus league this spring. Manager Ned Yost who trained under Bobby Cox in Atlanta is enthusiastic and the perfect man for the job. The Brewers have a chance to get 74 wins this season and that’s good in the Central.

Another two weeks of being healthy and some teams may be interested in trading for Ken Griffey Jr. Cincy shouldn’t wait around. Seattle is a possibility.

The Mets Karim Garcia may be immature, but he can hit righthanders and wil play a lot for the Mets. I don’t see a big season for Shane Spencer.

Homer Bush is back in the Yankees picture at second base or possibly the outfield. I’m not sure that is good news for the Yankees.

Without Barry Bonds in the lineup the Giants look worse than the Dodgers on offense.

How many injuries will it take before Jeffrey Hammonds is back on the bench for good. Seems he is injured every season for significant time.

Julian Tavarez is the best set up man in Florida, that goes in the believe it or not file.

How the mighty have fallen, Jaret Wright is the Braves fifth starter barring a spring training collapse.

First Jim Thome, then David Bell, then Billy Wagner, who will fall to the injury bug next. Maybe this Phillies team is jinxed?

The Dodgers can’t give Kaz Ishii away. Maybe the Mets will be interested if Scott Erickson and James Baldwin don’t make it.

So what’s holding up the Eric Chavez signing. You would think that the A’s would be more interested in signing the top offensive player on the team, especially with the pitchers coming up next for free agency.

The Mets will be lucky if Mike Piazza doesn’t get hurt playing first base, he just looks like an accident waiting to happen.

See you at the park.


1 Anonymous { 03.13.04 at 4:04 pm }

On the question of signing Chavez; I betcha Beane has delayed the signing to confer with the owners, who only arrived in Phoenix last Friday. Some of the clauses the owners might want to include may hang up things. Just like the no-trade clause in Jaxon’s deal. Sometimes these things can be the tail that wags the dog.

2 Dave { 03.13.04 at 4:58 pm }

It’s good to hear that Dye can go from first-to-third quicker, but it won’t mean anything if he still hits .200. Do you think he has trouble low and in because of the way he broke his leg? Is he afraid of a pitch near or below the knee? Point is, the A’s are going to need to acquire another big right-handed bat, and I don’t think Eric Karros is going to do the job. The ‘Stros have been looking to unload Richard Hidalgo. He may be expensive, but perhaps the A’s could unload Jim Mecir and get some big time cash in return (if Selig were to allow it).
Scary to imagine that Jermaine Dye’s $1.5 million buyout for 2005 will in all likelihood total more than Bobby Crosby, Mark Ellis, Bobby Kielty, and Rich Harden’s salaries combined.

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