Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

A's and Mariners Match Up Evenly

The A’s and Mariners match up very evenly. In fact, the A’s pitchers handle the Angels hitters much better than the Mariners hitters.

Also, the A’s have a tougher time hitting Seattle’s pitching staff than they do the Anaheim staff.

The only thing Anaheim has going against Oakland is a bullpen that gives the A’s fits. Also, Garret Anderson gives just about everyone on the A’s staff trouble.

Who will win the West?

The team that beats up on the rest of the league. The teams in the AL West generally end up playing each other relatively equally.

Freddy Garcia kept his composure last night and more importantly kept the ball down with something on it. Now Garcia has put together two good games this season. One against Anaheim and the other against Oakland.

Mark Redman is showing me something too. He can pitch inside and is not flustered on the mound, no matter what the situation. He is a major upgrade from Ted Lilly.

Click below for more!Last year Ken Macha pinch hit for Jermaine Dye in the most critical game of the season, the final game of the ALDS with the Red Sox because Dye couldn’t touch the low inside fastball, the out pitch for Derek Lowe.

This year Dye is hitting everything thrown up there, but no one seems to be going down and in against him. Time after time he is allowed to extend his arms and put the bat on the ball.

Last night the game tying homer he hit off of Eddie Guardado in the ninth was a pitch up and over the outer part of the plate.

A’s fans have to hope that last year’s scouting reports stay in the deep freeze because Dye is carrying this offense right now.

Eric Chavez looks very unsure swinging the bat right now. With Chavez’s history everyone knows this can change at the drop of a hat. He probably will feel a lot better once he faces his own personal batting practice pitcher Jamie Moyer later this week.

Not breaking news, but the AL is now throwing Bobby Crosby breaking pitches away. If anyone can adjust, this kid can. He has an absolute idea of what to do at the plate, it just takes time.

My how quickly Chad Bradford’s stock has fallen. The only other player with as low a rating in the eyes of Ken Macha is Erubiel Durazo and perhaps Esteban German.

Rich Harden needs to throw six innings tonight because the bullpen may not be ready to pick him up in the fifth inning if he can’t get through the Seattle lineup twice.

Arthur Rhodes is looking more confident each time out.

The Yankees won’t lose the pennant in April to Boston. They need to concentrate on beating the other teams about 62% of the time. Tonight they go to Comiskey to face Mark Buehrle, never an easy customer.

Nate Robertson had a nice game for Detroit, he could be another power lefty in the league. How about Jake Westbrook and his seven perfect innings in relief for Cleveland last night?

Cleveland misses Milton Bradley in the middle of its lineup. The Tribe needs a big hitter very badly because the starting pitching ain’t that bad.

Tyler Yates needed to see the Expos to get his first big league win. Montreal is making the Mets feel like champions. Yates has an idea of how to pitch. I really am not sold on the Mets bullpen led by David Weathers and Mike Stanton. Expect to see Rickey Bottalico very soon.

The Astros entertain their cousins the Cards tonight in Houston. Unless St. Louis figures out a way to beat Houston and Wade Miller and his friends it will be a long season for Tony La Russa. Jeff Suppan carries the mail for the Cards tonight.

Jerome Williams pitched extremely well for the Giants last night. David Wells is a smart pitcher, but his stuff has become hittable. I can’t wait to see what he has in August. The Padres need Jake Peavy and Brian Lawrence to start shutting some teams down.

If the Giants don’t win at home, they are in trouble and so far they have looked ordinary at home. Has Matt Herges hit his wall?

The Cubs love to hit against Ryan Vogelsong tonight’s starter for Pittsburgh.

Let’s see if Ben Sheets can put together back to back good games. His back was the problem last time out, no pun intended.

Kaz Ishii has great nerve on the mound. He’ll need it tonight in Coors especially if he starts walking the park. Joe Kennedy actually pitched well his last

Ryan Franklin is underrated for Seattle, somehow he keeps his team in the game without overpowering stuff. Seattle’s bullpen is in a similar state as Oakland’s tonight after the 14 inning game Monday.

Lefty Kenny Rogers against Anaheim tonight in the Big A. If he stays away from a six run inning, he might be OK, but don’t count on it.

Isn’t Texas a team Ramon Ortiz actually dominates?

After seeing the A’s staff, the Angels will be in hog heaven against Texas.

Throw out the scouting report on Raul Ibanez. Two homers off lefties the last two games: Mark Redman and Erasmo Ramirez, not easy pitchers for lefties to hit.

The Tigers can score some runs and with Ugueth Urbina now up maybe they can close a game once in a while. Jason Johnson can throw a gem now and then and he faces Carlos Silva, a six inning pitcher at best for the Twins. This is a bullpen game tonight.

Pedro and Halladay indoors in Toronto, so the weather won’t be a factor which will give everyone a good read on Pedro’s shoulder. This one has the makings of a great pitching matchup. Remember the 105 pitch limit for Pedro. The Blue Jays will be taking often and early in the game to drive his pitch count up.

Carlos Delgado at .120, unbelievable!

Can a KC starter give the team a quality outing? Brian Anderson tries tonight against his former team the light hitting Indians. I say it happens tonight.

The Orioles can hit and their best pitcher Sidney Ponson goes against Tampa Bay at Camden Yards tonight. Time for the O’s to really break loose with the long ball. Mark Hendrickson better have his stuff low in the zone in this park.

Nice week coming up for the Yanks and Red Sox, let’s see how they do against the rest of the league after beating up on each other.

A Rod? How about .160 and pressing.

See ya later.


1 Anonymous { 04.20.04 at 11:42 am }

Marty, about Dye, I think teams have been trying to pound him inside. It’s not down and in, like you say. But they have been giving him a steady diet of fastballs in and he is turning on them like crazy. I don’t think much would change if they tried going down and in. At some point, he is going to need some protection or else he will be pitched around. Teams are already giving him a lot of breaking balls. Hopefully, Durazo heats up soon.
-Mike E.

2 Anonymous { 04.20.04 at 6:20 pm }

Another winner Marty. This is where I come first for baseball news.
Eric Chavez is an interesting situation to me. I’m not so sure I agree with giving him the long term contract. And it has nothing to do with his slow start. However, the slow start reinforces the notion that Chavez is not at all a complete hitter. A contract like he got should be reserved for a more consistent hitter. Lets face it, he’s our number three hitter all the time, even against lefties. This is really an atrocity. This isn’t my theory, but the numbers show that against lefties he’s way below average. Thats no secret.
So in effect, hitting him third all the time means every time they see a south paw, you have a mediocre AAA hitter batting in the most important position in your order.
Peter Gammons wrote that, to him Chavez is really just a platoon player. And with the exception of his defense, I completely agree with that. To have a “Mendoza Line” hitter batting third every time you face a south paw really hurts your team.
And that contract basically ensures that he’ll hit third no matter when and where.
Also, I watched Durazo opening night, and I said he looked sluggish, and he really does…still. Whats going on there?
Gotta keep going with Scutaro. Why is there any question here? Its not like Menechino is Jeff Kent.
Its true, I’ve never seen some one’s stock plummet as fast as Bradford’s has. Well not since Ken Caminitti anyway.

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