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Daily Dish: Weekend Baseball

One thing is abundantly clear. As I noted last season after the teams in the West met for the first 19 games, there wasn’t a team that could beat the A’s over the long haul, if Oakland’s starting pitching stayed healthy.

Seems like deja vu all over again. The Angels slug the ball, but their starting pitchers put the offense in a hole too often.

This year both Seattle and Anaheim have money to spend in July, plus both teams have an abundance of excellent minor league talent to trade. After watching the A’s smoke the league during the summer with superior pitching neither team in the West can sit back and go with what they have once the peaches are on the trees.

One can never predict injuries, but barring any, the Angels and the Mariners will chase the A’s most of the summer.

Click below for more.The Cards salvaged their self respect and more by sweeping the Astros this week. Scott Rolen looks like an early MVP candidate. He can hit and field and frankly is the best third baseman in the game, bar none.

Milwaukee’s pitching staff got chewed up by Arizona this week. St. Louis is the last team the Brewers needed to see this weekend. The Cards should rip the ball in Milwaukee and settle the score with the Brew crew for its opening season thrashing of the Cards in St. Louis.

Colorado has something in Shawn Estes. Winning with his stuff in Coors, and I don’t care what the weather was like, is impressive. Good for him.

By the way, can you quickly name the outfield for the Rockies?

Eric Dubose tries to put quality back to back starts together tonight against the Blue Jays. Couldn’t have picked a better team to do it against.

Carlos Delgado will get hot one of these days, then the team will only lose 3 of 5 instead of 4 of 5.

As long as Cleveland doesn’t face a lefthander, then they have a shot to win. Too many lefties in the Central right now for Cleveland, a team that needs a strong righthanded bat.

Mike Mussina lost last night, but after the first inning looked like his old self. Going on the Japan trip didn’t do the older players on NY any favors.

A Rod still is not comfortable at the plate. If Derek Lowe has his stuff tonight A Rod will have another tough night. Up and in, low and away, that’s the pattern to get him out.

Let’s see what Jose Contreras brings to the mound tonight. I thought he would be much better than he is so far.

Jeremy Affeldt finally threw the way he did in Arizona. But, it was against the Indians.

Kevin Appier tonight for KC against another underachiever Kyle Lohse, what happened to him?

Appier will be retiring shortly.

Esteban Loaiza owns the Devil Rays and he gets them at home in chilly Comiskey.

Joel Piniero has found his curve ball, now if the Mariners could just find their offense. They need a slugging first baseman and right now.

Jarrod Washburn threw over 100 pitches in five innings his last game against the A’s and got away with it. Not a good idea against an A’s team that takes pitches for a living.

Brett Tomko always was a head case. After the second of three consecutive homers against him last weekend by LA, you would think the third batter would see pitches around his spikes. Not so, Tomko challenged him too and the result was bye bye baby.

Tomko pitches against the Dodgers and Odalis Perez tonight. I never think its a good idea to skip a pitcher’s turn just so he can face a certain team. The Dodgers skipped Perez yesterday just so he could face the Giants tonight. I like SF for that reason.

If Sean Casey had any power he would be a hall of famer. He can flat out hit the ball, it just doesn’t go over the fence.

Paul Wilson and Kip Wells, two unknowns who might pitch low run games tonight for their teams.

The Pirates can get something for Kris Benson.

Atlanta knocked Josh Beckett around last weekend. This week will be a different story, the Marlins are rolling.

The Phillies are due to get well in Montreal. When are the Phillies going to get a true leadoff hitter?

Casey Daigle is engaged to softball star Jennie Finch, that’s the good news. The bad news is Daigle has been crushed in his first two major league starts for Arizona. At least Jennie hasn’t ditched him yet, let’s see what he does tonight against the Padres at home.

Anyone want Matt Mantei? Arizona sure doesn’t.

Jae Seo and Greg Maddux. Cubs win, Cubs win, Cubs win! Mets simply don’t score enough runs.

Put Kirk Rueter in a 40 pitch inning and disaster is sure to follow. Giants defense betrayed Rueter in the second inning Thursday. The culprit, iron glove Ray Durham.

Remember it’s not the record that counts, it’s how you win or lose the game that matters.

Watch the bullpens, starters, and hitters to see if the strengths or weaknesses are due to last over the long season.

Good weekend of baseball ahead.


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