Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

They call David Eckstein “Just Enough” because when he throws the ball to first base he has just enough on the throw to get the runner. Eckstein’s arm is not one of the best in the big leagues, but he gets the job done.

Mired in an awful slump, the diminutive leadoff hitter has been dropped to the number nine spot in the Angel’s batting order. Last night he came up big with four hits, a game icing homer in the eighth off of Matt White, and a key defensive play in the sixth with Anaheim ahead 4-3. Eckstein fielded a sharp ground ball off the bat of Ichiro and threw out Mark McLemore at the plate (rundown ensued), then his teammates completed an unlikely double play by getting Dan Wilson out at second after he rounded the bag too far. End of rally, end of Mariners for the night.

A great night’s work for Eckstein who is the catylyst for this Angel offense. Hitting .240, many blamed the Anaheim slump on Eckstein.

At least last night he got the team rolling. Today it’s home run heaven as Jarrod Washburn who has gotten rocked by the long ball in his last three starts goes against Gil Meche. Meche, who was robbed of his 10th victory last week when Jeff Nelson melted down against the Padres, will face the A’s next Tuesday or so in Oakland probably against Tim Hudson, great matchup.

Click Below for more!The Red Sox tied the A’s for the wild card lead. Jason Varitek, largely overlooked because of all the high profile bats on the Boston team is having an all star season. Never known for his speed or his arm, Varitek has 11 homers and seems to get key hits all the time hitting in the eighth spot in the order. He blocks the plate, looks like a catcher, and he is a winner.

Today, Pedro Martinez pitches against the Tigers and the bookies are giving odds on whether or not Pedro can no hit the majors worst hitting team.

Mike Sweeney is heading for the DL because his ailing back is not responding to treatment. Runelvys Hernandez pitched last night in Wichita and his slider was nasty. Look for Hernandez to return to the first place Royals rotation next Tuesday when Cleveland and the Royals have a doubleheader scheduled.

Mark Buehrle is starting to round into shape. He usually pitches extremely well against the Twins and today goes against Brad Radke who did pitch well in his last start for the first time in a month. The White Sox are perplexed over what is wrong with Billy Koch’s velocity. Koch gave up the game winning homer to Jacques Jones on a pitch up in the strike zone and very hittable last night.

Jerry Manuel doesn’t fool around when a closer goes south on him, last year he buried Keith Foulke after this years top AL reliever, let some games get away early in the season. Foulke got his ticket out of town after Manuel accused Foulke of quitting on him. Oakland’s pickup of Foulke is one of its best moves in years, the guy throws strikes, finishes hitters off, and if he can maintain his pace will give the A’s their best closer since Eck. Foulke should be on the All Star team.

Rodrigo Lopez tries to slow Toronto down just as Sidney Ponson did last night. The Blue Jays kicked the ball around, but Cory Lidle got pounded once again. I don’t care how much this team hits, they need more starting pitching. It is just a matter of time before they fall 5 games behind New York and Boston.

Melvin Mora returned to the Orioles lineup with a three hit night, raising his average to .366. Everyone says he is the real deal, but I want to see it when he faces the A’s staff.

Oakland has suffered many times during the summer in Texas, this trip seems to be right on schedule. Chad Bradford has been over exposed to the Rangers, Jim Mecir needs a day or two off, and the starting pitchers need to dominate somebody. Other than that, the A’s can’t wait to get back to the Bay Area on Friday to see the Giants.

Mark Mulder threw a lot of pitches (125). Let’s see how he does this Sunday, probably now against Jesse Foppert because the Giants want to give Jason Schmidt an extra day since he threw 125 pitches in his last start too.

Quotes in the paper today from high above: Chris Singleton is a gentleman since he understands the A’s outfield dilemma, you know who is not a gentleman by implication. His initials are A.P.

Jose Lima has gotten shelled by Cleveland in the past, but I guess that was when the Indians had some hitting. Ricardo Rodriguez last pitched a good game in April against the Royals, makes for an interesting matchup tonight in Cleveland.

Somehow when this season is over Miguel Tejada’s average will be closer to .300 than .250. He is at .241 after his four hit night Wednesday.

Sunday Kerry Wood and Esteban Loaiza at Comiskey. Chicago fans finally get a game to cheer about.

Randy Wolf is considered one of the best lefties in the NL, tonight he pitches against Atlanta and we saw what Atlanta did to the lefties they saw on the West Coast last week. A true test to see how far Wolf has progressed. Mike Hampton his opposition tonight is throwing very well too. By the way, Paul Byrd injured for most of the season may be back after the all star game for the Braves.

Arizona keeps rolling, now only 5 back of the Giants and 4 off the wild card lead.

Houston is not the same without Roy Oswalt in the rotation and Jeff Kent (injured wrist) in the lineup.

Matt Morris, 6 innings, five runs, seven hits, and 90 pitches, you can’t tell me he is OK.

How do the Cards come up with these hitters? Bo Hart now batting leadoff and hitting .500 with power.

The Rockies just can’t make it happen on the road. Last night, five hits in San Diego.

The Giants better hope the season doesn’t come down to a one game playoff with LA because if they see Hideo Nomo they might as well plan their off season vacations. Nomo is superb and owns the Giants. He is one talented pitcher.

Having the players vote for the all star reserves is silly because it becomes a popularity contest for ones own teammates. It would make sense if you couldn’t vote for someone on your own team.

It’s time for Edgardo Alfonzo to do what Hawk Harrelson says on the White Sox broadcast,

“Grab some bench big guy”.

Pedro Feliz will see mucho playing time this weekend against the three A’s lefties.

No DH for Oakland in Pac Bell, the starters need to stand up and deliver this weekend because Oakland can’t count on San Diego beating Seattle in Seattle this weekend.

A’s will face some real bullpens over the next ten days, the vacation in Texas is about to end.

See you there.


1 Anonymous { 06.26.03 at 1:17 pm }

It was good to hear that Chris Singleton is a gentleman. He is having a great year and I bet it continues.

How do we get Macha to use Mike Neu? If you don’t use him, you are taking up a roster spot and over using your other relievers. I think he can pitch in a tough spot. If not, then you give him back. Let’s rest Bradford before he implodes.

Is Carl Everett too crazy for Billy to consider for the A’s? He has great numbers and maybe he would like to be on a contender. His concern after his bat injured fans yesterday indicates that maybe he is okay. And no one on the A’s will discuss dinosaurs with him in 2003.

Loved Tejada’s comment to teammates that he will have an All-Star second half and then they can vote for him. I agree with you that he will be up about 280 before year end.

2 marty { 06.26.03 at 1:37 pm }

After I wrote the Dish this morning, it hit me that Bradford just comes in too often in the sixth inning which brings up the question what is Mike Neu doing here if he can’t pitch in that inning. I know Macha likes to use Bradford when he thinks one more hit can break the game open in the 6th, but it is only June 26th and Bradford is wearing down. Carl Everett is too weird for the A’s but not for the Giants maybe they will take him. What’s up with Joe Valentine in AAA or Chad Harville? I also don’t think Mecir will physically stand the grind once the dog days start in late July. Foulke has been fabulous but the rest of the pen is still a work that needs to be monitored from time to time.


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